The question of the “various media outlets” that still remain is: “There must have been reporters who got along well with Yuzuru Hanyu…” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The question of the “various media outlets” that still remain is: “There must have been reporters who got along well with Yuzuru Hanyu…”

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He had a big smile on his face at the “50th Normalization Year Ceremony of Japan-China Diplomatic Relations” last September. ……

Yuzuru Hanyu’s surprise divorce is causing a stir.

In the past, when celebrities and other prominent figures have announced their divorces or held press conferences, the reasons for their divorces have rarely been revealed. Hanyu’s announcement,

There have been slanderous remarks, stalking, unauthorized interviews, and reports in various media outlets against my civilian partner, her relatives, and other related persons, as well as against my relatives and other related persons.

It was. I have never seen such a statement made before as a reason for divorce. This is why it is so shocking, but the announcement also exposed the media in general, and the weekly magazines in particular, which deal with scoops, to a storm of criticism. However, it is also true that even today there are many in the media who still tilt their heads in the direction of the story.

“Even if there had been unauthorized reporting, it would still be difficult to prove that there was no slander or stalking. Even if there was unauthorized coverage, did the media really commit slander and stalking? If it was adultery or a relationship they did not want people to know about, it is still a marriage that should be celebrated. It is possible that some radical fans got out of line, but I don’t want to blame the fans. So there is speculation that that is why they said what they did.

In the first place, major media would not do such a thing. He said the person he was with was a civilian, and while readers and viewers may be interested in knowing who he is, they will not be interested in someone whose name they don’t recognize. If the attention span is low, the media won’t dig that deep,” said a reporter for a women’s weekly.

Furthermore, a reporter for a local newspaper said,

A reporter for a local newspaper added, “The local paper’s report on the other party revealed that he was not a regular person. He had some media exposure and was a prominent local figure. Still, he wasn’t widely known, so I don’t think there was anything to pursue in depth. This is also to begin with, but you have to be careful when interviewing Japanese skaters, not only Hanyu-kun.

If you offend him, you may immediately receive a protest from the Japan Skating Federation, and you will not be able to cover the competition. He retired from competition and became a professional skater, but his relationship with the federation has not been severed. Unless there is a scandal or a scoop, I don’t think they would cover the event without his consent.

He expressed his doubts. If Hanyu had said, “Stop,” they would have had no choice but to back down.

Many others in the media feel that the situation does not add up.

If that was the reason, he should have protested directly to the media or the press. Besides, if it was Hanyu, there must have been some media or reporters with whom he was in close contact, so what is the relationship with them?

Many people involved think that there may be other reasons. I am also concerned that the other woman, who was not a member of the general public, and her relations have not uttered a word. The more I think about it, the more questions I have.

The more I think about it, the more questions I have. The public’s interest has shifted from what kind of man she married to the real reason for her divorce. Although it is unlikely that the truth will be revealed in the future, it is clear that this has become an uproar that will go down in the history of Japanese sports.

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