A series of “Terroprocessing Factory” and “Water Dow”… A special situation in which “reuse of video materials” is progressing in variety shows. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A series of “Terroprocessing Factory” and “Water Dow”… A special situation in which “reuse of video materials” is progressing in variety shows.

The staff saw it! Behind the Scenes of Weekly TV

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Perhaps because he belongs to the “Comedian Reproduction Factory” (SMA), MC Hollywood Zakoshisho looked kindly at the junior comedians who tried their hand at the “ticker tape reproduction factory” trick.

The bold attempts made in the “Message Reproduction Factory” (TV Tokyo) broadcast on October 30 and November 6 have become the talk of the town among TV people.

The TV Tokyo program, “Let’s Stay in the Countryside! and “Gilgamesh Naito,” which used to be broadcast on TV Tokyo, were experimental in that they used the respective tickers to create new laughs with short skits.

With no signs of recovery in production costs due to declining advertising expenditures, each station is looking for project proposals that reuse past material” (broadcaster).

For example, the October 4 broadcast of “Wednesday’s Downtown” (TBS), titled “Unexpected First Appearance SP,” successfully reused scenes from the first TV appearances of comedians who have now become successful.

Ametalk! (TV Asahi) promotes membership in the program’s fan club and video streaming service, “Ametalk Club,” by showing a bit of the past appearances of comedians who appeared that week.

By successfully rearranging and airing past material, “Wednesday’s Downtown” may have aimed to increase the number of subscribers to “U-NEXT,” a video distribution site that distributes content from TBS and TV TOKYO.

(A director of a production company) “Variety shows are in a difficult situation as production costs continue to decrease.

It is not unusual to see one or two broadcasters on a large one- to two-hour variety show. The launch parties and dinner meetings that had been canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis show no signs of reviving.

Even popular programs such as “Wednesday’s Downtown” seem to be raising their budgets by reusing past material for cheap projects before and after the show when they are planning a large-scale surprise or other costly project.

There are also advantages unique to reuse projects.

The “Downtown vs. Generation Z: Yabai Showa Yarai? No? (Nippon Television Network Corporation) was a huge success, benefiting from the Showa retro boom. It proved that there is a vein of ore in the “past.

Programs from the Showa and early Heisei eras are nostalgic for TV viewers in their 40s and older, and fresh for the younger generation, so we can expect both viewer ratings and distribution. Even productions that would be out of compliance with Reiwa’s current regulations can be acceptable if they look back on the Showa era and say, “The Showa era was messed up. The ability to show extreme footage is also a key point.

In the future, the reuse of past material and remakes of popular programs are likely to increase further.

On November 10, “Sakaue Dobutsu Okoku” (Fuji Television) revived the popular Heisei era variety show “Quiz: What’s the difference in age? What a difference in age! In the aforementioned “Terroir Reproduction Factory,” fat comedians from Reiwa, including “Mama Tart” Otsuru Massei (32), challenged “Moto-so! Debu-ya” and it turned out to be as funny as the original.

First, remake the past program as a project within the program, and if the viewers’ response is positive, some stations will broadcast it as a stand-alone program on …….

It sounds good to say that the TV stations are also becoming more eco-friendly (……).

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