Fans are furious with Johnny’s’s new president, saying he is “too different from Higashiyama-san! Flamboyant private life photos” causing dislike. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans are furious with Johnny’s’s new president, saying he is “too different from Higashiyama-san! Flamboyant private life photos” causing dislike.

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President Fukuda, a flamboyant looking man, also had a flamboyant private life… (from “Speedy Inc. HP”)

It is said that there is a movement by fans on SNS against Mr. Jun Fukuda, who is scheduled to be appointed as the new president of the new agent company that will replace the former Johnny’s. The movement is called “X,” and hashtags such as “Opposition to Mr. Jun Fukuda’s appointment as president” are being created.

On X, several hashtags such as “Oppose Jun Fukuda’s appointment as president” have been created” (sports newspaper reporter).

Why should he be bashed by fans? One former Johnny’s fan explains the reason.

When fans researched Mr. Fukuda on the Internet, etc., they found a number of things about his past that they thought were a bit out of character. What was particularly surprising was the large number of photos found on social networking sites of Mr. Fukuda drinking alcohol surrounded by beautiful women in bikinis on the beach or by the pool in the background.

Due to Mr. Fukuda’s blond all-back hair and looks, he inevitably looks like a cabaret club owner. I can’t believe that the president who is replacing Noriyuki Higashiyama is someone with such a crisp atmosphere. …… It is unacceptable, isn’t it?

A check of Fukuda’s account on Pinterest, a photo-sharing site, reveals that he is indeed still posting those kinds of photos. Fukuda’s photo of himself wearing sunglasses and mischievously sticking out his tongue next to beautiful women in bikinis might certainly give some people the impression that he is a “paripi. A senior executive at an entertainment agency also pointed out the following.

A senior executive at an entertainment agency also made this point: “It seems that the company that Fukuda runs handles BL (boys’ love) type manga. It does not mean that publishing such books is not a good thing. I just wondered if that aspect of the new president and company, which is reforming the issue of sexual assault, is safe.

Mr. Fukuda is the president of “Speedy,” a consulting company that has an agency contract with actress Noun (formerly Reina Noh). The company’s business is diverse, including the operation of art galleries, the development of resort facilities in Okinawa, and the development of pesticide-free farms. In 2009, the company acquired 100% of the stock of the long-established publishing house Koryosha Shoten, making it a subsidiary.

A look at the bookstore’s official comics website did indeed reveal a lineup of BL-oriented manga with radical titles and covers.

Fukuda, who has built his career in the film industry, is well versed in the American entertainment industry. He has expressed his disgust and anger at the old structure of the Japanese entertainment industry in his online salon and elsewhere, but at the same time, he has said that he is a “hedonist.

It is not hard to understand why fans reject Mr. Fukuda’s character, which is so far removed from the image of the old Johnny’s, both in appearance and in the words he speaks with Higashiyama. ……

Who is Mr. Fukuda and why was he recommended as a candidate for the new president? What kind of reforms will be implemented in the new agent company? Until the former Johnny’s’s office provides such an explanation, fans will continue to be concerned.

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