Golf practice right after the crime…? Astonishing true picture of the “Kyoto sergeant suspected of murdering” a female college student and her aunt with highly poisonous thallium. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Golf practice right after the crime…? Astonishing true picture of the “Kyoto sergeant suspected of murdering” a female college student and her aunt with highly poisonous thallium.

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Suspect Miyamoto arrested on suspicion of killing a female college student with thallium (Image: Jiji Press)

A suspect in the shivering incident in which a deadly poison was used has been arrested again.

On November 22, the Investigation Department 1 of the Osaka Prefectural Police re-arrested Kazuki Miyamoto, 38, an unemployed suspect. Miyamoto had already been arrested and charged with murder for inoculating a female college student, an acquaintance, with the deleterious substance thallium.

The suspect is now under re-arrest on suspicion of having swindled approximately 110 million yen in subsidies for anti-new coronas. The suspect Miyamoto submitted false documents to the Labor Bureau 14 times, claiming that an event company represented by his relatives had paid absence allowances to some 50 employees. The company is alleged to have received emergency employment security subsidies.

However, Miyamoto was dismissed from his position as a director of the event company by his aunt due to the large amount of unaccounted-for funds. SNS communication revealed that the aunt had severely reprimanded Miyamoto for the false documents as well. The relationship between Miyamoto and his aunt appears to have deteriorated. Miyamoto was also arrested on suspicion of attempted murder for forcing his aunt to drink thallium as well.

FRIDAY Digital” reported on the incident in which Miyamoto allegedly murdered a female university student in an article distributed on March 7 of this year. We would like to recount the circumstances of the trouble and Miyamoto’s startling words and actions after the crime (some contents have been changed).

Called the victim’s mother and said, “You don’t look well.

She was coughing violently and looked unwell.”

It was the morning of October 12, 2010, when the man contacted the woman’s mother. When the parents rushed to the woman’s apartment, she was conscious but unable to stop coughing. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead three days later on October 15. The autopsy revealed that the cause of death was acute respiratory distress syndrome caused by highly toxic thallium poisoning. Thallium is a deleterious substance that was previously used as a rat poison and pesticide.

The man who was with the woman – the man who was with the woman. The suspect, Miyamoto, was arrested on suspicion of murder by the Osaka Prefectural Police’s Investigation Section 1 on March 3. Miyamoto and A, then 21, a female student in her junior year at Ritsumeikan University, had been drinking together at an upscale bar in Kyoto City on October 11, just before the incident, and then moved to her apartment where they drank together.

The suspect Miyamoto was in the real estate business as well as in the business of organizing maiko (apprentice geisha) events for tourists visiting Kyoto. Ms. A was working as a staff member of an event held by the suspect Miyamoto, and the two were very close and frequently dined together at a fancy restaurant.

The suspect Miyamoto is the son of a well-known wealthy local family. His house was located in an upscale residential area in Kyoto City, where several foreign cars, including a Mercedes Benz, were parked. The family is very wealthy and is well known in the tourism industry in Kyoto.

On the other hand, Mr. A went to Ritsumeikan University from a high school in Osaka City and lived alone. She said she liked manga and wanted to become an illustrator.

Many people thought she was dating Miyamoto. Just before the incident, they went to Ms. A’s home after eating and drinking together. In response to her sudden change in health, Miyamoto told the suspect in an interview before his arrest. After drinking, Ms. A started coughing. I bought some medicine at a pharmacy and gave it to her. In fact, security cameras showed Miyamoto going to the pharmacy alone.

As for why he did not call 119, he stated, ‘Because Ms. A refused. The police determined that Miyamoto somehow forced Ms. A to ingest thallium and killed her. It is believed that he delayed treatment and pretended to care for her. Immediately after the incident, there are reports that he went to a golf driving range.

(Aforementioned reporter) It is believed that Miyamoto had some kind of trouble with Ms. A as well. Did he use a series of illegal drugs one after another for his own convenience? The truth will be revealed in the upcoming trial.

Miyamoto, a well-known businessman and wealthy man (Image: Kyodo News)
Mr. Miyamoto and Ms. Hamano often ate and drank alone together at high-class bars. (Image: Afro)
Mr. Miyamoto and Ms. Hamano often ate and drank alone together at high-class bars, etc. (Photo: Image: Kyodo News) (Image: Afro)
Police believe that Miyamoto may have mixed thallium with alcohol (Photo: Image) (Image: Afro)
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