Objection!” Honkkon and Prince Aojiru are outraged by the “support measures for host guests” promoted by the government and the Constituent Assembly. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Objection!” Honkkon and Prince Aojiru are outraged by the “support measures for host guests” promoted by the government and the Constituent Assembly.

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Mai Watanabe, a.k.a. “Takaragi,” is a defendant who paid 300 million yen in tribute to a man. She is also a “victim” of paying tribute to hosts. …… (from her official YouTube channel)

As the problem of malicious hosts has become a social issue, the government and the members of the Constituent Assembly are considering the establishment of a law to support them. The aim is to prevent female customers who are saddled with large debts from being forced into prostitution or committing suicide.

Malicious hosts charge a high fee and then ask the customer to pay it at a later date. When the hostesses are unable to pay the fees, they force them to work at brothels or engage in prostitution to repay the money.

On November 25, comedian Hong Kong appeared on “Saturday Afternoon, Tokoton Hong Kong! (Radio Osaka) on November 25, and voiced his objection to this problem.

He said, “I think it would be a good idea to crack down on malicious hosts.

I think it would be good to crack down on malicious hosts.

I think the women who have been victimized are also responsible for their own actions.

He also commented on congressmen.

One council member said, ‘We have to protect them,’ but now you have the right to vote from the age of 18, and you guys have decided that they are adults.

Don’t you study anything about society? You have smart phones, don’t you? You know what kind of things are caught on a search, and you know that this is malicious. I think it’s nonsense to say that we have to protect them all.

I think it is nonsense to say that we have to protect everything,” he argued.

Senator Fumika Shiomura, a member of the upper house of the Diet from the Constitutional Democratic Party, told the Sankei Shimbun

Hosts make full use of their sex appeal to women. They are regarded as money problems between lovers, and in some cases, the police do not take them seriously. It is a criminal scheme that is suppressed where the law does not apply.

The existence of manuals for getting people hooked on hosts has also been pointed out. In all likelihood, it is the cheaters who are at fault.

The Rikken is sounding the alarm bells.

The Rikken has submitted a bill to the government that would provide the following support measures: (1) conduct a fact-finding survey, (2) establish a consultation system, (3) support reintegration into society, (4) promote education and awareness, and (5) cooperate with related organizations.

In response, businessman Yuta Misaki, known as the “Prince of Aojiru,” wrote on X (formerly Twitter)

Isn’t it strange that taxpayers are supporting women who are addicted to hosts and in debt?

Is the Diet seriously discussing such a thing? Why are we paying taxes for a hosiery fiend, you idiot?

I’m appalled.

A woman who calls herself “Riri-chan,” a Japanese woman who uses men’s romantic feelings to defraud them out of a total of 200 million yen and then pays the money to a Kabukicho hostess has also become a problem. However, while “Riri-chan” is a victim of paying tribute to a host, she is also a perpetrator of cheating men out of their money by making them fall in love with her.

There have always been many men who have been seduced by women and end up paying tribute to them. It is questionable that the government cries out for gender equality, but only when it comes to problems like this, it tries to help and support only women. ……

It is true that if the government were to say, “We will support men who are addicted to women in cabarets and have fallen into debt,” there is a strong possibility that the public would react violently. No matter what the government does, the “colorful” deception will not disappear, and it is obvious that the two sides will play “war games” on a different stage…. But….

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