Aaaaand ice cream in ’10…Mai Kuraki’s “Unleashing the Subs on the 25th Anniversary of Her Debut,” a photo full of charm | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Aaaaand ice cream in ’10…Mai Kuraki’s “Unleashing the Subs on the 25th Anniversary of Her Debut,” a photo full of charm

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Mai Kuraki eating ice cream (March 26, ’10 issue)

Mai Kuraki will celebrate the 25th anniversary of her debut next year.

As part of the commemorative project, she will lift the ban on subscriptions (subscription music distribution service) on December 8, the 24th anniversary of her debut. The total number of songs will be 439, from her debut song “Love, Day After Tomorrow” to “Unraveling Love ~A Little Courage~” which began distribution at the end of October.

Kuraki’s debut single “Love, Day After Tomorrow,” released in December 1999, was a huge hit, selling 1.4 million copies without any TV appearances, promotions, or tie-ups. The 17-year-old “girl prodigy” appeared like a comet and continued to have hits from then on, establishing herself as a top artist.

Her third single, “Secret of my Heart,” was the theme song for the anime “Detective Conan” (Nippon Television). Since then, they have collaborated on 27 songs, which has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.

FRIDAY” has been paying attention to Kuraki since her debut. The magazine has paid attention to Kuraki since the time of her debut, including the sight of her in an automobile with ice cream on her cheek, her unusual public class at her university entrance, and her cute appearance at the first pitch ceremony. …… We would like to introduce Kuraki’s charms with these treasured photos.

Cute figure chewing on ice cream in the car.

Roppongi, Tokyo, at night in early March 2010. In front of a popular frozen yogurt store, there was a stylish woman intently looking at the board with the menu. It was Mai Kuraki. She was dressed in a pair of crushed jeans with large apertures on the thighs, long laced boots, and a white mask.

At that time, more than 10 years had passed since her debut, but the first time she sang on a commercial TV program was on “Music Station” (TV Asahi) in February 2009. She has had almost no media exposure, and her private life has been shrouded in mystery” (TV magazine reporter).

After finishing his menu selection, Kuraki returned to the car, shifted his mask, and began to eat the ice cream. She seemed to be seriously examining the flavors of the ice cream, but then she started a conversation with a female passenger and burst into laughter, her expression really cute. Her cool and mature image is quite apparent in these shots, but her true face is that of an ordinary girl.

In her private life, Kuraki has remained single, and her personal life remains shrouded in mystery.

“I feel like I’m married to music. Through the live tour, there are moments when I can feel the happiness coming back to me as much as I work hard, so I can work hard.

Kuraki’s latest song, “You & I,” will be the new ending theme for “Detective Conan” starting December 2, and as we approach the 25th anniversary of the show, we can expect to see even more exposure for Kuraki in the future.

Ritsumeikan University Entrance Ceremony Day Shot (’01 April 20)
Mai Kuraki in her first year of college. Unusual “open class and press conference” (July 6, 2001 issue)
Mai Kuraki is in her first year of college. An unusual “open class & press conference” (July 6, 2001 issue)
A rehearsal for the “NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen” in 2004, her second appearance. Mai Kuraki looking nervous next to the great Sachiko Kobayashi (January 21, 2005 issue).
Attempting to throw out the first pitch for the first time in her life wearing a pink Hanshin Tigers uniform (April 24, ’09 issue)
Rare private shot of Mai Kuraki ordering at a frozen yogurt store in Roppongi (March 26, 2010 issue).
Mai Kuraki leaving a frozen yogurt store in Roppongi after placing her order (March 26, 2010 issue).
A rare shot of Mai Kuraki laughing hysterically while eating ice cream (March 26, 2010 issue).
Rare shot of Mai Kuraki eating ice cream (March 26, 2010 issue)
Mai Kuraki at a Setsubun Mamemaki event (February 22, ’19 issue)
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