Police were speechless at the brutality of the “self-proclaimed businessman” who assaulted a woman until she fainted while saying, “Bitch, die! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Police were speechless at the brutality of the “self-proclaimed businessman” who assaulted a woman until she fainted while saying, “Bitch, die!

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From Shimoda’s Instagram account, where he posted on social media about his lavish lifestyle, including luxury foreign cars and trips abroad (some images have been doctored)

I want him to stay in prison for as long as possible.”

One day in September, the Tokyo District Court was hearing the rape case against Yosuke Shimoda, 36.

The incident occurred at the end of September of last year. “The incident occurred at the end of September last year. The defendant, Yosuke Shimoda, had been raped by an acquaintance, Aiko. A The defendant kept her in a half-imprisoned state and assaulted her over a period of four days. On October 2, 2010, he assaulted Ms. A, an acquaintance. On October 2, he was arrested in the act by Meguro police officers who arrived at the scene. On October 2, he was caught red-handed by Meguro police officers who rushed to the scene and charged with assault, indecent assault, and forcible sexual intercourse. The assault was so violent that a police official choked out, saying, “I have never heard of such a terrible assault.

Shimoda once served as the representative of a major detective agency with branches nationwide.

An acquaintance of Shimoda’s reveals the truth of the matter.

He was always showing off his rich lifestyle on his social networking site. These are what we call glittering photos. Thanks to this, there was even a kind of fan club for him on the Internet.

Shimoda called his fans “Ocean” and even created a group line. However, the luxury foreign car he was uploading on SNS was rented from a company president he knew. His rich life is a false image that he created.

Shimoda rides a camel. From Shimoda’s Instagram account

Shimoda told people around him that he was a member of a motorcycle gang in Hachioji and that he had been a member of a gang for a while. In an interview at the time of his arrest, Ms. Ako told this magazine, “I was prepared to die many times.” Shimoda’s criminal acts, revealed at the trial, were evidence of his ferocious nature.

On the day of the trial, a partition was set up on the witness stand to protect the victim’s privacy. The trial was conducted in such a way that neither the audience nor Shimoda could see Ms. A. Shimoda sat in the defendant’s chair, looking a little pallid, and listened silently to the prosecution’s questions.

The issue at stake in this trial is the existence of consent. Shimoda largely admits to the injuries, but denies any sexual harm such as forced sexual intercourse, claiming that the two were in a semi-consensual relationship. At the trial on August 31, Shimoda’s defense attorney described the case as a “love-hate story. He pleaded partially not guilty.

The bruises on Ms. A’s body show the severity of Shimoda’s assault (courtesy of Ms. A).

On the other hand, Ms. Ako testified that she met defendant Shimoda through a business connection about seven years ago. At the time of the incident, Ms. Ako was renting Shimoda’s house for about a month and a half in order to look for a new house and move in. The incident occurred on the day she was scheduled to leave the defendant’s home after signing the lease for her new house.

The assault was triggered by a trip to Hakone that Ms. A took with a male acquaintance, Mr. B. Shimoda was furious, claiming that “Ako went on the trip without telling him. The assault lasted several days.

“When Mr. Shimoda came home, he suddenly became furious, saying, ‘I know what you’re doing. He dragged her out the front door and said, ‘Bitch, die. I’m looking forward to what’s to come. Suck it up” and “I’ll make it impossible for you to live socially,” he sent her messages on LINE.

He then sent a picture of Ako taking a bath with the words, “I’m going to expose this on the Internet. She begged him to stop, but he replied, “I just posted it on the Internet. Everyone is watching. In court, Ms. Ako testified that she had no recollection of the photos being taken.

After being thrown out of her house with nothing but her clothes on, Ms. Ako had no choice but to evacuate to her apartment in Shibuya, where she had just signed a lease as her new home. Then, she received a message from Shimoda: “I’m in front of your house.

I’m in front of your house. Open the door.”

Realizing that she had nowhere to run, she did as she was told and opened the door. After entering her room, Shimoda taunted her with such slurs as “I’ll never forgive you” and “Die, bitch!” He used an ashtray, remote control, and Icos that he had on the spot to strike her relentlessly in the face as she sat upright.

Shortly after she was relieved to be released, Shimoda immediately contacted her, telling her to “come to my place now, alone, ” according to Ms. Ako. Feeling that she was in danger, Ako told her acquaintance, “If you can’t reach me for a whole day after this, I want you to go to the police,” and went to the defendant’s house in Meguro. The assault by the defendant began again.

The following is a list of the main offenses, based on Ms. A’s testimony at the trial.

Kicking her in the back, then, when she was on her back, he mounted her and hit her face and body with the back of his hand. Kicking his arms, thighs, and legs.

He instructed her to “jump into the Meguro River right now right in front of me. When he tried to comply, he interrupted him, saying, “You’re going to go to the police, aren’t you? I’m not going to do that after all.

He also punched her in the face.

He ordered her to masturbate because he was going to take a video of her. When Ms. A resisted, he told her “No, I don’t want to,” forcing her to strip down to her underwear, sit on the floor, and masturbate, and then took a video of her. He then forced her to sit on the floor, forced her to masturbate, and took video of her. He threatened to spread the video on the Internet if she ran away or went to the police.

Forcibly inserted a sex toy into her genitals.

He slammed his head into the marble of the kitchen floor about 10 times.

He chased her with clippers and scissors, telling her that he was going to cut her hair and shave her head.

Throwing Icos and lighters at him.

When Ms. A asked to leave, he said, “No, I can’t. I’m going to the police. He said, “I’m going with you.” He moved to his house in Shibuya.

She was kicked in the stomach.

He grabbed her head, put his finger in her right eye, and pressed it against her.

He punched and kicked her while he was riding on her horse. They strangle her with both hands. When Ms. A lost consciousness, she was slapped, saying, “Don’t lose consciousness.

They repeatedly kicked her cervical vertebrae with their knees, saying, “This will paralyze your lower half of your body.

He took her to the bathroom, where she was covered with blood from her nose and mouth, put her in the bathtub, doused her with water, and threw the shower head at her.

They touch her naked breasts and put their fingers in her genitalia.

They said, “People like you don’t deserve to wear clothes. They made her strip naked, saying, “People like you don’t deserve to wear clothes, and I feel sorry for your clothes.

He named Mr. B who went on a trip to Hakone, and said, “I will forgive you if you have sexual intercourse with Mr. B in front of me.

He called Mr. B and ordered him to say obscene words to Ms. A. When Ms. A resisted even a little, he muted the call and asked her, “Are you going to do it? and force her to comply.

He then covers her on the bed in the bedroom and inserts himself into her. She was then penetrated without putting on any skin. They had sexual intercourse twice in total.

He threatened to “kill your family” and “give me all your money.

According to the interview with this magazine at the time of her arrest, on October 2, Ms. A was given a large amount of sleeping pills by defendant Shimoda and lost consciousness while hearing the words, “If you die, I will push you off the balcony. In the evening, a police officer who had received a report from an acquaintance and raided Shimoda’s house with a warrant in hand took her into custody. The repeated assaults had damaged his bronchial tubes, and he was unable to speak during the interview that day.

In the subsequent questioning of the defendant’s counsel, he pointed out that Ms. A. and the defendant had been in a physical relationship on multiple occasions. As for some of the sexual assaults that Mr. B had heard over the phone, he said, “I was just making it sound as if I was doing it,” and the two sides’ arguments remained at a crossroads.

At the end of the trial, when asked about her current state of mind, Ms. A expressed her fear, saying, “I’m afraid to go outside for a while because I’m afraid that [Shimoda’s] friends are there. In fact, messages were posted daily on Shimoda’s SNS even after his arrest, and on the day of the trial, the words “I will not be defeated by liars, I will prove the truth of everything” were uploaded.

The investigative authorities were speechless at the egregious acts of this devil – Mr. B and others are scheduled to be questioned as witnesses in December.

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