Eat a seagull! …In danger of leaving the team due to power harassment allegations of exposing his lower half of his body! Rakuten’s Anraku: “The contents of the fierce bullying when he was the captain”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Eat a seagull! …In danger of leaving the team due to power harassment allegations of exposing his lower half of his body! Rakuten’s Anraku: “The contents of the fierce bullying when he was the captain”.

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Anraku was found to have made allegations of power harassment against several players. In the past few years, he had been a steady performer as a reliever. ……

The team president apologized, removed the official YouTube channel, and conducted a survey of about 100 people, including staff and players.

On November 24, it was learned that several players had complained of power harassment by set-up man Tomohiro Anraku (27).

The following day, on November 25, team president Tomoyuki Morii apologized to the press, saying, “I apologize for causing concern and anxiety to our fans. On the same day, Yasura was scheduled to negotiate a contract renewal, but it was postponed indefinitely, and if he is removed from the roster of players with pending contracts to be announced on December 1, he will effectively leave the team under a free contract. He is said to be at home on standby.

The baseball team has removed the “Teach us, Mr. Anraku” channel on its official YouTube page, where Anraku answers questions from fans. A survey will be conducted from managers, coaches, and players to find out if they have been power-harassed by Yasuraku and if they have ever seen the scene. Depending on the results, the team will be forced to take further action.

That’s why you’re no good!

The reports of Anraku’s power harassment are spectacular. According to Sports Nippon (November 25) and other newspapers, the following harassment and assault took place.

Before a game against Lotte this summer, he ordered a player to “stand on his head” in the locker room. He ordered one player to “stand up” in the locker room before a game against Lotte this summer, and then he removed his pants and underwear, exposing his lower half of his body, and covered him with socks.

When the players refused to eat or did not answer the phone, he would call them, “That’s why you’re no good! They shouted abuse at players who refused to eat or did not return phone calls, calling them “idiots,” “morons,” and so on.

They force players to pay money as “fines.

Slapped a former player in the spring camp of 2009. The player suffered from whiplash.

The reports of verbal abuse and violent behavior are beyond belief.

It seems that there are several players who have been victimized, but they were afraid of retaliation from Anraku, so they could not say anything. In recent years, Sho Nakata of Nippon Ham (at the time) became a problem when he violently attacked a teammate in August 2009.

This time, however, the situation is more serious. The power harassment that negated his character was carried out repeatedly and over a long period of time. I think that a very severe punishment will be given to Anraku.

This is not the only time that Yasura has been in the middle of a power harassment scandal. There was also a major incident at his former school, Saemi High School in Ehime Prefecture.

The incident came to light in August of 2002, when Anraku, a third-year student, was captain of the team. In a report to the Japan High School Baseball Federation, a sophomore on the school’s baseball team told a freshman, ‘Eat a stink bug! and put insects in their mouths. They were even beaten up and almost forced to drink kerosene. The number of club members who were allegedly victims of bullying reached 19.

Although Anraku was not included in the “parties,” the impact was significant. He was not selected to represent Japan in the U18 Asian Championships, despite the fact that he was one of the leading pitchers among high school ball players at the time, leading Saemi High School to a second place finish in the Koshien Tournament.

In response to the power harassment scandal, Yasura has expressed his remorse to the baseball team, saying, “I am sorry for the trouble I have caused. The responsibility for his words and actions, which constitute a serious violation of compliance, is likely to be quite heavy.

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