Taiwanese cheerleader Lin Shan shows off her live cheerleading performance in Shinjuku…and shows off her cute off-the-cuff image in the waiting room. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Taiwanese cheerleader Lin Shan shows off her live cheerleading performance in Shinjuku…and shows off her cute off-the-cuff image in the waiting room.

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From left to right: Meng Jie, Yuri, Lin Xiang

Angel Cheerleaders from Taiwan descended on Shinjuku.

The “2023 Taiwan Expo in Japan” was held at the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Triangle Plaza in Tokyo from November 9 to 11. Under the theme of “Vision of Smart and Sustainable Lifestyle,” 135 organizations, mainly Taiwanese companies, exhibited their products and services.

According to the organizers, the event attracted a total of more than 20,000 visitors and generated approximately 13 billion yen in business opportunities. The venue was filled with visitors experiencing Taiwanese products equipped with cutting-edge technology and enjoying Taiwanese cuisine.

It is no exaggeration to say that the three “angel cheerleaders” who came to support the event, which was held for the first time in Japan, played a key role in making it a great success.

Lin Xiangyang, a “Taiwan Classic Girl” selected from the cheerleaders of Taiwan’s professional baseball team, who also played an active role in the WBC, has been the talk of the world as “Taiwan’s Angel” with her beauty and dazzling smile. Lin Xiangyang, Lin Shan, and Yuri, also a Taiwan Classic Girl, made an appearance on the first day of the event, the 9th.

At the “Smart Living” booth, where many of the latest smart items were on display, they introduced the products selected for the “Taiwan Excellence Award.

The “Virtual Trying-On Room” (aka “Virtual Trying-On Room”) is a convenient way to quickly change your clothes for the day.

Lin Xiangyang, who had experienced the “virtual fitting room” (Portal M, Joyo Jitsugyo), was excited to see herself transformed into a kimono on the monitor, while Yuri enjoyed taking selfies with Lin Xiangyang and Meng Jie using the “paper camera” (Paper Shoot, Paper Line Technology), a paper-made digital camera. Sighs were heard everywhere as the too-cute angels played with each other.

After the product introduction, the three moved to the main stage. While some fans screamed out their names, there was time for a group photo with the girls, and fans rushed onto the stage. Some fans used their smartphones to take pictures with the cheerleader they wanted in a two-shot style.

Although the management staff had warned them that selfies were not allowed, they didn’t seem to mind, and in fact, they were very enthusiastic about posing for pictures. Needless to say, many fans fell in love with the girls’ divine, or rather “angelic,” response. We caught up with the girls after they had finished their performance.

This is the eighth time I have visited Japan, and I am always glad to receive a warm welcome. I enjoyed the product experience myself, and I think I was able to convey the appeal of Taiwanese products. Personally, I was most impressed by the virtual fitting room.

My recommendation was the paper camera. It is stylish, compact, lightweight, and easy to use. It is very convenient because images can be transferred to a smartphone.

AIFA Smart Remote Control (艾法科技/AIFA) was also good. It is a remote control that allows you to remotely control all the appliances in your home with an app, so you can turn on the heating before you get home.

All three of us live alone, so it’s very lonely. The smart remote control can also be operated by voice like Siri, so I think I’ll enjoy talking with the remote control (laughs).

We asked the girls, who were as excited as a girls’ night out, about their favorite Taiwanese dishes.

I asked them about their favorite Taiwanese dishes. “Taiwanese fried chicken is very popular right now, and I love it. I also drink a lot of tapioca. Wherever I go, there are stores, so I always end up stopping by.

I like dee gua chiu. In Japan, they are called “sweet potato balls,” and in Taiwan, there are many stalls selling them. They are round and colorful, so they look cute too.

When you come to Taiwan, you should definitely try the 蚵仔麺線. It is a warm noodle dish with oysters in a thick soup with bonito broth, and I often have it for breakfast.

The angels who shared with us the charms of Taiwan. I can’t wait for their next visit to Japan.

Three people experiencing Taiwanese products
Three people trying out selfie items
The booth where the three were advertising their products was extremely popular
The three of them posing on stage
Amazing…the “miracle cheerleaders” in the waiting room showing off their cute tongues
Former Prime Minister Abe, who passed away, also made an appearance in the video
Three people experiencing Taiwanese products
Three people experiencing Taiwanese products
A lot of Taiwanese gourmet food! Looks so delicious!
  • Interview and text by Keitaro Haga PHOTO Takero Yui

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