Luxury foreign cars, living in a townhouse… A former “ally” was arrested for a special breach of trust involving 36 million yen! What Prince Aojiru told us in person. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Luxury foreign cars, living in a townhouse… A former “ally” was arrested for a special breach of trust involving 36 million yen! What Prince Aojiru told us in person.

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We interviewed Mr. Misaki about the arrest of his former “ally.

The arrest came after nearly two years of absconding overseas.

On the evening of October 25 this year, the Shibuya Police Department arrested Koshiyama Koji, 40, on suspicion of violating the Companies Act.

Koshiyama is suspected of having committed a special breach of trust by increasing his own compensation at Asklepios Pharmaceuticals, for which he served as president from August 2007 to April 2008, without obtaining a resolution at a general shareholders’ meeting. The total amount of illegal remuneration, as far as the Metropolitan Police Department is aware, is 4 million yen per month. The total amount amounts to 36 million yen. Koshiyama had fled to Thailand about two years ago, and his arrest was timed to coincide with his return to Japan. On the other hand, Koshiyama denied the charges. During the interrogation, he stated, “I don’t have the minutes of the meeting, but I got verbal approval from the shareholders. On November 14, 20 days after his arrest, prosecutors formally charged Koshiyama. We are expecting that the truth will be revealed in court.

In fact, Koshiyama was a well-known figure on the Internet even before his arrest. The trouble started with Yuta Misaki, 34, known as “Aojiru Oji” (Prince of Aojiru). An acquaintance of Koshiyama said, “Originally, Mr. Koshiyama and Mr. Misaki had been in a relationship.

Originally, Mr. Misaki and Koshiyama met through a mutual acquaintance, and because they are both businessmen, they hit it off immediately. In 2004, at the request of defendant Koshiyama, Mr. Misaki acquired a 60% stake in Asklepios and became the effective owner as well. To be honest, Koshiyama himself was not known for his business acumen, and at the time, Asklepios had sales of about 100 million yen. However, once under the umbrella of Media Hearts (Misaki’s group company), the company grew rapidly, and three years later it had transformed into a company with sales exceeding 7 billion yen. Koshiyama got married in 2005, and Mr. Misaki was the guarantor of the marriage certificate. The two were so close that he was the guest of honor at the ceremony.

Koshiyama, who lived a life of extravagance (from his Facebook page)

The name of the company, Asklepios, is derived from Asklepios, the god of medicine in ancient Greek mythology. Coincidentally, Mr. Misaki’s appearance was a “Godsend” for Koshiyama, whose company was struggling with sluggish growth. In fact, Koshiyama began to lead a lavish lifestyle in proportion to the company’s performance.

As business boomed, Koshiyama owned several foreign cars, including a Mercedes Benz, and lived in a luxury residence reserved for celebrities. After that, he moved to tower apartments in Aoyama and Shinagawa, and became a successful man himself.

However, in February 2007, Mr. Misaki was arrested by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office on suspicion of tax evasion, and this incident caused a major rift between the two men.

When Mr. Misaki was arrested, Koshiyama’s attitude changed drastically. He began blabbing to those around him that ‘the man is finished,’ and the way he called him ‘Mr. Misaki’ changed to ‘Mr. Misaki-kun. On the contrary, he even began to divert company assets from Asklepios without telling Mr. Misaki. Later, when Media Hearts pointed out suspicious money movements, Koshiyama refuted them, saying that ‘Yuta Misaki is an antisocial force,’ and he also refused to demand the dismissal of the president. Mr. Misaki also uploaded a video of this incident on his own YouTube channel, and the trouble between the two escalated into an off-the-cuff brawl involving the Internet. In the end, Mr. Misaki’s side of the argument was accepted, and in 2008, Koshiyama stepped down from his position as president of Asklepios.

After his resignation, Mr. Misaki filed a criminal complaint against Koshiyama’s breach of trust with the Shibuya Police Department, which was accepted in December ’21. A lengthy investigation ensued. A person involved with Asklepios described the arrest of Koshiyama as follows.

Perhaps sensing the danger, Koshiyama fled to Thailand about two years ago. Recently, we heard that he was running a small business importing local medicines and sending them to Japan. The charge against him this time is that he raised his remuneration without obtaining a resolution at a general shareholders’ meeting, and that shareholder is Mr. Misaki. Mr. Misaki said, “I didn’t think he was that kind of person when I met him. I didn’t think he was that kind of person when I met him… I was betrayed…” Mr. Misaki has told people around him. As for the amount of Koshiyama’s personal misappropriation, the civil court has approved approximately 1.07 billion yen at this point. However, Media Hearts believes that the amount of damage is more than 2 billion yen.

Mr. Misaki spoke his mind, choosing his words carefully.

When we approached Misaki in mid-November in Tokyo, he was surprised at first, but stopped to answer our questions.

FRIDAY Digital. How do you frankly feel now about Koshiyama’s arrest?

Mr. Misaki: “I can’t answer too many details because there is still the investigation to be done…”

What kind of person was Mr. Koshiyama to you?

Mr. Koshiyama: “I really didn’t think he would betray me…. I was shocked when he even lied to me and said, ‘Misaki is anti-sha.

What do you want from Mr. Koshiyama now?

What do you want from Mr. Koshiyama now? I want him to go through a trial and receive the appropriate criminal punishment. I am not angry about money. I think there are things that a person should not do…. I sincerely hope that he understands that in this case.”

During the company’s investigation after the fraud was discovered, a “destruction plan” containing a schedule for taking over Asclepius was found on Koshiyama’s computer. Ironically, however, the last thing he wrote on the page was the word “arrest” for himself.

Click here to see the video of Koshiyama shaking his hips with a beautiful woman.

Koshiyama defendant at the wedding reception
Koshiyama at the marriage registration
Koshiyama (left) having a good time at a drinking party
Koshiyama is straddled by a beautiful woman and shakes her hips.
Koshiyama is riding on a horse with a beautiful woman at a drinking party.
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