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A former junior revealed, “I felt uncomfortable during the interview.

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Mr. Tanaka, a former Johnny’s Jr. member, was interviewed. He looked surprised at the sudden incident, but politely answered the reporter’s questions.

We will do our utmost to deal with the victims.

In order to carry out the declaration of President Noriyuki Higashiyama (57), the SMILE-UP. company (former Johnny’s office) has begun full-scale interviews with the victims. The meetings are said to serve both to ascertain the actual damage and to explain compensation, and are being conducted mainly with victims who have made inquiries via the office’s compensation application form. However, there are many questions about the response.

In November, it was revealed that a male victim who had accused the firm of slander had committed suicide, suffering from the slander. According to the bereaved family, when the man called the office in May of this year to complain about the damage he had suffered, he was told that “the person in charge will definitely call him back. However, SMILE-UP. never contacted the man after that. If a more prompt response had been taken, such a tragedy might not have occurred.

I would also like to see some public disclosure of the criteria for the amount of compensation. I understand that the damage is very diverse and that privacy is involved. I understand that the situation of the victims is very diverse and that privacy is involved, but there are many people who are suspicious of the current office, wondering if they are trying to cover up the facts. Some victims have already been offered more than 10 million yen, but as long as they claim to provide ‘relief beyond the law,’ how far will they be able to continue to offer that amount? The future response to this issue is also attracting attention,” said a lawyer familiar with victims of sexual violence.

The compensation for victims has been notoriously backward-looking. In mid-November, this magazine interviewed Mr. Toki Tanaka, a former Johnny’s Jr.

–Thank you very much for your hard work on the interview. Please tell us frankly how you feel now.

I was nervous, but the contact person was easy to talk to. (I was told there were three people (from the office), but only two were handling the interview. At the beginning of the interview, they explained, ‘There is a delay because the relief committee has intervened.'”

–What were you asked during the interview?

They mainly asked me about the timeline. They asked me on what date I entered the office, what kind of work I did, and at what point the president invited me to his house. I was also asked about my mental state after the damage. The interview lasted about 30 minutes in total.

Mr. Tanaka’s expression was grave. I have the amount of money I want. The rest is up to the office to decide,” he said, candidly revealing his feelings.
During the course of the interview, there were times when he looked distressed.

Basically, Mr. Tanaka emphasized that he was “satisfied” with the explanation given by the office. After the interview, his face looked a little brighter. However, he said he still felt uneasy about “one point. He said that no explanation was given regarding the amount of compensation.

I asked him at the end of the meeting what the financial details would be,” he said. I asked at the last minute what would happen to the money, and they said, ‘We will make a final decision after we have a final discussion about what we discussed today. So I asked him if he would decide the amount based on examples in Japan or if he would cite examples from overseas. To that, he said, ‘The amount in Japan is small, so we would like to make it larger.

-I was told that the interview would be the only one. I wonder if it is possible to get an accurate picture of the damage in just one meeting.

I was told that this would be the only time I would have this type of meeting. But this time, I didn’t bring my own lawyer. I asked him what I should do if I wanted to have a meeting with my lawyer present, and he said he would give me another opportunity.

–There have been some people who have committed suicide due to the slander. What about that?

I think it was unfortunate that he passed away. I haven’t received many slanderous comments from people, but I have received a lot of comments on ……. Everyone I know who used to be a Johnny’s Jr. member is also worried. As for the amount of money, as well as the way (the office) handled it.

–What do you think about the late Mr. Kitagawa?

It may sound strange to say this, but I have no grudge against him. I just want people to understand that he had a hard life. So I am grateful that the company is showing sincerity and working to compensate me. Personally, I am sad that the name “Johnny’s” is no longer used. I am also sad that the form of your enrollment will be changed.

Mr. Tanaka concluded his speech by saying, “I think it’s time to put out the fire now that the talk of compensation for the victims, which is at the heart of the problem, is underway.

Interviews for victim relief are still taking place. In order for as many victims as possible to be convinced and saved, SMILE-UP. is required to respond quickly and with sincerity.

They stopped to interview us for about 10 minutes. He repeatedly stressed that he was satisfied with the firm’s response

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