Purgatory Koroaki, Guts CH’s arrest, declared his retirement → Immediately retracted, “Private Arrested YouTubers” KENZO’s fate. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Purgatory Koroaki, Guts CH’s arrest, declared his retirement → Immediately retracted, “Private Arrested YouTubers” KENZO’s fate.

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Koroaki Korogoku, a “private citizen-arrest-type YouTuber” who has a sulky attitude even after his arrest.

A series of “boomerang-like” arrests of “private citizen-arrested YouTubers” have resulted in their own arrests.

On November 13, the suspect “Koroaki Sugita,” a.k.a. “Purgatory Koroaki,” was arrested on suspicion of defamation. The following week, on November 20, Ren Konno, a.k.a. Ren Nakajima of “Guts ch” was arrested on suspicion of violating the Methamphetamine Control Law (abetting).

The police have begun to treat “private arrests” of YouTubers as an “enemy” of the police. In fact, the man who had Konno bring methamphetamine to the police was released, and only Konno’s side was arrested.

(A wide-angle news source) While the “private arrest” type YouTube videos are a “tiger’s tail” of amateurs who have taken the police’s job and broadcast their videos, there is another person who is attracting a great deal of attention.

Another high-profile figure is “Shinjuku 109” KENZO.

KENZO has 770,000 registered users on YouTube. In the summary column, he writes

I denounce malicious pyramid selling organizations and fraudsters. We are working to reduce the number of victims of malicious businesses in this world.

The “KENZ” section of the video is written in the same way as the “KENZ” section.

For example, in one video, KENZO sneaks into a pyramid scheme solicitation seminar venue with a video rolling. He addresses about 100 customers who are taking the course.

He loudly informs the audience of the scam, saying, “This is a scam, everyone!

and then he presses the organizer on the spot to pursue the matter. Sometimes the scammers slur their words, other times they ignore them and run away.

Recently, a video of an employee of a famous used car sales giant misusing a customer’s credit card became a hit and has been viewed 4 million times.

KENZO updated X after the arrest of Konno, a suspect in the “Guts CH” case, and wrote: “It is about time for Nakajima (Konno) to be arrested,

It’s time to go after Mr. Nakajima (Konno). I’ve always said, “Let them cut the flesh and cut off the bones,” but it’s a shame that the world will be the one where con artists are the most pleased… I guess this is the end of Shinjuku 109KENZO. Thank you very much.

And he declared his retirement to X.

Don’t give up yet.

Don’t give up yet.

X received an outpouring of encouragement from the general public. X’s post was also viewed 3.44 million times.

The next day, on the 21st, X’s post was displayed 3.44 million times,

I thought about it for a night, but I forgot that I was originally prepared to be arrested for working against fraud. Besides, I still can’t forgive scammers, and when I imagined scammers relieved by KENZO’s retirement, I got pissed off. (omitted) I am sorry for worrying you. We will continue our anti-fraud campaign for just a little while longer. I would like to thank all the scammers for your continued support.

He announced that he would withdraw his retirement and continue his activities.

This was met with an outpouring of support and joy from his fans.

It is true that the video may be considered defamation of character because he exposed a person who appeared to be a scammer in the video before he was arrested by the police. However, when KENZO happens to see someone soliciting at another table in a coffee shop who looks like a pyramid scheme, he sometimes follows the customer and warns him, “That’s a scam, be careful. Many people say that this is a bit different from Purgatory Koroaki and Guts Ch.” (Internet media reporter)

The scammers are cunning and difficult to prove to the police, so it is difficult to arrest and prosecute them. I wonder to what extent it is really permissible to “privately execute” them, at least for the sake of …… videos.

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