Big newcomer Saya Yabuse’s first confession: her unexpected connection with a very popular comedian | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Big newcomer Saya Yabuse’s first confession: her unexpected connection with a very popular comedian

Sayo Yabuse, 23 years old, with her "170cm tall and 10 heads" style, took on the challenge of her first solo photo shoot for FRIDAY. Her manager, who was also present, was surprised to learn about her unknown episode with "that person" who is always on TV.

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Saya Yabuse tries her hand at her first solo photo shoot for FRIDAY. (Photo by Yasutomo Mihei)

A morning on a November day. The main character of the day had arrived at the scene 30 minutes before the meeting time.
It was model and TV personality Saya Yabuse, who was taking on her first gravure photo shoot.

I’m a worrier,” she said. When I use the train transfer app, I set the transfer settings to “slow mode” (which calculates a longer time). You never know where you might trip, fall, or get lost. In the first place, I set the arrival time for the destination 15 minutes before the meeting.
That’s why I always end up arriving 30 minutes early (laughs).

She is 23 years old and just joined the entertainment agency “Zero Ichi Familia” in October this year.
She is a promising new star with a dazzling 170cm/10-head figure.

When we talk to her, her strong desire to enter the entertainment industry and an unexpectedly popular comedian who supported her behind the scenes come to light.

Moving to Tokyo from her hometown Osaka with “nothing” in her mind

I was born in the countryside of Osaka. I was born in the countryside of Osaka, where there were rice fields beside the road from my house to school and frogs jumped around. I grew up as an only child with no siblings.

I became interested in the entertainment business when I was about 10 years old.

The singer Shota Shimizu came to sing at a local shopping mall. When I heard his voice, I was really impressed even though I was in elementary school.
I asked my parents to let me attend the school in Kyobashi, Osaka, where Shota Shimizu had actually attended.

However, I immediately noticed the difference in the level of the other students at the school. I thought, “I was born differently.
One day, after about two years of trying to keep up, my dance teacher said, “It would be good if you (Yabuse) could make use of your style,” and I began to think about a modeling career.

As a high school student, Yatsufushi began looking for modeling auditions on the Internet.
The first thing that came to her attention was “Vissel Queen,” the PR team for the newly established J-League club Vissel Kobe.

I passed the audition and was chosen as one of the three Vissel Queens. I went to Noevir Stadium Kobe for every home game, which took about an hour and a half each way from my house, and appeared on the radio and in PR magazines.
And of course, I got more and more into soccer.

After playing Vissel Queen for a year after graduating from high school, Yatsufushi decided to move to Tokyo to become a TV personality.

When I went to Tokyo, I had no choice but to do it. I didn’t have an agency or anything. I came to Tokyo in a state of “nothingness” in order to inspire myself.

However, it was not so easy to get a job as a celebrity or a model.
She continued to work part-time from morning till night at a store in Harajuku five times a week.

Every day, I thought to myself, “What am I doing? I’m not supposed to be doing this.

Two years after moving to Tokyo, she was still struggling to make a name for herself.
Even two years after moving to Tokyo, she was still struggling to make a living, but there was a reason why she insisted on working in the entertainment industry.

I don’t feel like I can keep doing the same thing in the same place every day. I was bullied in junior high school. The whole class ignored me and so on.

Relationships that started out so well would fall apart in the opposite direction at the slightest hint of bullying, and become a mess.

I think that’s what happens when you’re in the same place every day.
I think that’s why I want to work in the entertainment industry, where I can challenge myself every day in a different place.

The words of a very popular comedian: “You can ask me anything.

Yabuse’s decision to join his current agency was a turning point.
When I asked him about the reason why he joined the agency, he said, “I would like to talk about it properly so as not to cause any trouble,” before revealing the existence of a certain person.
The manager in charge who was present at the interview was also surprised and said, “I had no idea.

Kenji Yamauchi of “Kamaitachi” fame.
We played together at an event when I was Vissel Queen, and he has been supporting me ever since. But I don’t think we’ve actually met in person for very long.
He follows me on Twitter, and when I tweeted about my decision to move to Tokyo to become a celebrity three years ago, he said, “I see you’re going to (Tokyo). When I tweeted about my decision to move to Tokyo to become a celebrity three years ago, he sent me a message on Twitter saying, “I see you’re going to (Tokyo), good luck. It was like, ‘We’re going too.

At that time, in the spring of 2018, Kamaitachi was about to move from Osaka, their base, to Tokyo. It’s not hard to imagine that Yamauchi felt a sense of support for Yabushi’s move to Tokyo.

I think it was around the second year after he moved to Tokyo. I had a chance to appear in a special program called “Life’s Various Doors,” in which Kamaitachi was the MC.
However, it was a reenactment of a VTR, so I never actually met Mr. Yamauchi. When I arrived at the scene, the director asked me, “Did you hear? When I arrived at the scene, the director said to me, “Did you hear? When I arrived at the scene, the director said to me, “Did you hear?” He said, “Mr. Yamauchi’s reputation was very good this time, so I was cast.

Yamauchi did not invite me to the scene where we met in person, nor did he even tell me that he had recommended me.
Yamauchi’s “overly casual support and encouragement” was also seen in other scenes.

It was the first time I met Miki-san and Mr. Schematic at a bicycle race event. As soon as I stepped on stage, they called me by my nickname, ‘Yabusaya-chan! As soon as I stepped on stage, they called me by my nickname, “Yabusaya-chan!
I thought, “We’ve never met before, why? He told me that he was told by Mr. Yamauchi to cover Yabusaya-chan until she was featured on Yahoo News. He treated me as if I were one of Yoshimoto’s juniors, and we were able to proceed with the event in a really warm atmosphere.

While I was thanking him for this, he introduced me to the person in charge of my current office, and I was picked up by him.

…… Sorry, I’ve been talking about Mr. Yamauchi a lot (laughs).

I’m sorry, I’m talking about Mr. Yamauchi all the time (laughs), but I think it’s important to talk about him in such a polite way. I really don’t want to cause any misunderstanding or trouble for Mr. Yamauchi.
My manager was surprised to find out, so I didn’t reveal anything to him at all.

Yatsufushi’s “power of being loved” is spreading not only to Yamauchi but also to the fans and the related staff.

He said, “Because I remember how hard it was in junior high school, I probably have a greater desire to read the feelings of the people around me than other people. I want to be the kind of person who can cheer people up when they see me, so I want to always be smiling and laughing, that’s what I think.

Thanks to the experiences I have lived through and the people who have supported me, I am able to enjoy my life like this. I feel that strongly every day now.

Sayo Yabuse
Born on September 28, 1998. Height 170cm.
Model and TV personality from Osaka Prefecture.
Since her high school days, she has worked as a PR for Vissel Kobe, appearing in PR magazines and on the radio as a celebrity.
In October 2021, she decided to join the entertainment agency “Zero Ichi Familia”.
She had her first solo gravure in “FRIDAY” released on November 26 of the same year.
For the latest information, please visit her Twitter ( @Yb_s_a_y_a ).

For more information on Sayo Yabuse’s first solo gravure, please visit
It is now available on “FRIDAY Subscription”.
(*This is a limited distribution until May 31, 2022)

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