Uploading Videos Every Day for 10 Years!” The Ultimate Beer Girl” Mana Amano chooses her “5/3650 best beers”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Uploading Videos Every Day for 10 Years!” The Ultimate Beer Girl” Mana Amano chooses her “5/3650 best beers”.

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At a commemorative event held in Tokyo on November 3 to celebrate the 10-year mark

‘You want to be in a beer commercial? Well, why don’t you try …… uploading beer videos on social media every day?”

Ten years ago, a casual remark from an acquaintance at a major advertising agency marked the beginning of a long and grand challenge for Ms. Mana Amano, 32 – a challenge that has become a household name.

It was the “Ryota Murata vs. Golovkin fight” that made Ms. Amano’s name famous. Amano served as a ring girl for the fight of the century, and her tears in the ring after the bout were called “cute” and “too beautiful,” leading to the release of a photo book. Another, perhaps the biggest, face of her multifaceted career, which includes gravure for magazines and acting, is her “beer-drinking video postings” that span more than 10 years.

In the past, there were always posters at beach houses showing a beautiful woman in a bathing suit holding a beer mug around her waist. Or, dreaming of appearing in a commercial for “Otsukare Seikatsu,” which became a topic of conversation when head coach Katsuo Hirata of the Hanshin baseball team imitated it while pouring beer, Amano set November 1 as the starting date. Since then, she has continued to upload her “beer videos” in the hope of serving as a ring girl in the fierce battle between Naoya Inoue and Nonito Donaire, regardless of whether it rained, thundered, was hit by a huge earthquake, or a new type of coronavirus raged.

Many years have passed since then, and on November 3, Amano-san held a commemorative event in Tokyo to mark the 10-year mark. Amano, who was 22 years old when he started, is now 32 years old and has drunk more than 3,650 beers. He recalls, “I’m amazed at how long I’ve been doing this.

I’m amazed I’ve lasted this long. The biggest crisis came on the third day of the event (laughs). I was still in my early 20s at the time. I was still in my early twenties at the time, and I was drinking a lot with my friends! I had to change my clothes or else they would be the same as yesterday’s.” It became very tedious to upload the video. I was hungover and feeling sick, and I remember overcoming my desire to just go to bed and upload the video.

The reason the 10-year anniversary fell on November 3 instead of November 1 is because he was hospitalized for five days with an appendectomy, he says.

If I had been out of the hospital for five days, then the anniversary would have been November 5, but after 10 years, there are two “leap years” in the year (laughs). (Laughs.) So, the 10th anniversary was extended by three days to November 3. During the past 10 years, I have had fevers and injuries, but the only time I was unable to upload videos was during the five days I was hospitalized, and I never really took a break. I really didn’t take a break, because when I fell down seven years ago and the right half of my face was covered with scars, I only shot a video with the left half–in profile.”

When he injured the right side of his face, he uploaded beer videos of only the left side for a few days.

The rules are very simple: “Don’t upload videos wearing the same clothes for at least a week” and “upload videos of yourself drinking without clothes. When filming at home, he drank in his pajamas with no makeup and glasses on.

I really had a hard time finding outfits. My closet at home is filled with clothes. The other day, I counted the number of hangers and found 250 (laughs). I think the number of beers is also unusual. My refrigerator is filled to the brim with beer, even in the vegetable compartment.

The “3,500th beer” received the most views, with 30,000 “likes” and 1.17 million views. The video with the most views was the 3,500th beer, which received 30,000 “likes” and was viewed 1.17 million times. We were curious to know which beer the “ultimate beer girls” thought was “good. We asked them to choose their top five beers, and Amano-san spent two weeks answering the question.

The following are the five beers that “took 20 round trips through the list of beer videos.

The five best beers (1) Sapporo Black Label poured by the master (April 16, 2010)

Enjoying the ultimate Sapporo Black Label at Shigetomi Beer Stand

Do you know Mr. Yutaka Shigetomi, the beer pouring master? He is an expert in pouring beer with a beer server called “Swing Karan,” which was used in Showa-era beer halls, and travels around Japan holding events called “Beer Stand Shigetomi,” where he pours beer with 10% foam or 50% foam at will. The handle of a regular tap is moved vertically, but the handle of a swinging canner is rotated only horizontally. There is no function to produce only bubbles, and Mr. Shigetomi makes bubbles only with his handle movements. I drank it all in one go and …… was already shocked. I like a clean, smooth beer like Super Dry, and I thought the strong flavor of Black Label might be a little out of my taste buds, but in the master’s hands, the taste of Black Label is surprisingly clear! I was impressed by how much the potential of Black Label has been improved.

The best 5 glasses (2) Hugarden White (October 30, ’14)

I gulped down a huge glass of Hugarden White!

The first beer I ever tasted in my life was Hugarden White! Hugarden White is the first beer I ever tasted in my life. My mother was a white beer lover and was a member of the “White Beer Society” formed in her hometown of Ibaraki, Osaka. I also joined in the 5th grade and joined …… Of course, I don’t drink, you know? (Laughs.) I don’t drink, but the president, Mr. Beer King, was very kind to me and often took me to drinking places where the members gathered.

Mr. Bierking was in his mid-30s at the time. He was an elite businessman who traveled all over Japan on business trips and knew a lot about good restaurants and good beer. One of the restaurants we often visited for the “White Beer Club” was a place that was supplied with Hugarden White directly from Konishi Brewery, and one of their beer servers was Hugarden White. I think it was quite rare at the time. My first Hugarden was when I was a teenager. I drank it at the end of my coming-of-age ceremony and was impressed by its gentle taste. Later, when my mother, Beer King, and I drank it together, I was very moved. The famous words of the Beer King, ‘There is no bad person who drinks beer,’ are still engraved in my mind.

The first time I was impressed by the “delicious! Black beer that impressed me for the first time

The five best beers (3) Asahi Draft Beer Black (MARUF) (February 20, 2010)

I had the perception that black beer was something to be sipped in small sips because it was heavy and tasted thick like coffee. I always thought it stayed in the mouth and was not my cup of tea, as I like a clear taste and want to enjoy the sensation of the beer going down my throat. Marueff’s Black was the first black beer that I could taste. A fellow beer lover recommended it to me, saying, “Maruf’s Black is delicious, you should try it,” but I was hesitant to try it for about a month.

Then one day, I came across it at a convenience store on my way home and thought, “God told me to drink it,” so I picked it up and drank it after I got home. I couldn’t help it. It has a strong flavor, but it’s not at all strong. It doesn’t leave a residue in the mouth. It’s almost like a half-and-half beer. I recommend this beer to those who “don’t like to drink” black beer!

The best 5 beers (4) Nagisa Beer (December 31, 2002)

Nagisa Beer, which he says he has drunk 500 bottles of.
This is a recently uploaded video.
My mother loves this beer, and we used to go to the brewery there to drink it. I’ve uploaded many videos of Nagisa Beer already, but the first appearance was early, almost 10 years ago at that. This beer was my first experience with Japanese craft beer. I remember being impressed by the attention to water and how different it was when it was made with natural water.
It’s the same when you take a shower, isn’t it? With well water, you feel like your body is enveloped in the water, but with tap water, it doesn’t feel like it fits into your body, or rather, it feels repulsive. It hurts. My first experience was a gift set of Nagisa beer that my mother sent me. It was a set of American Wheat and Pale Ale, and I was very impressed with the Pale Ale.
Wood Mill Brewery’s Pale Ale and
The 5 best brews (5) Woodmill Brewery (December 27, ’20)

Woodmill Brewery is a microbrewery that was founded in Kyoto in 2006 by Mr. Yamato Tsujimoto, a member of the “White Beer Society! Originally, he was in the Kyoto Yuzen dyeing business, but he decided to start a beer company to promote his hometown, Wood Mill.

The “Pale Ale” in the photo is delicious, and the white beer “Hassaku White” is also exquisite. It is not just a citrusy, refreshing beer, but a deep and robust beer that won a silver medal at the Japan Great Beer Awards in ’19.

Ten years have passed since she uploaded her beer videos, but she has yet to fulfill her dream of appearing in a beer commercial. Still, she says that offers to work as the “ultimate beer girl” have started to come in. After smiling and saying, “This interview is no different,” Amano declared, “I’m going to continue.

I’ve been drinking beer for 10 years and I’m still healthy! I have proven this myself (laughs). (I’ve proven it myself.) The fact that I don’t get drunk is the charm of beer. It’s hard to find a drink with such a wide range of flavors that can be enjoyed with a variety of foods. A glass of ice-cold beer is delicious, but the room temperature beer served at the taproom I visited the other day, poured from a pump, was also excellent. The way you pour it makes it something completely different, and the possibilities of beer are endless.

The other day, I had a drink with my mother and brother, all three of us beer lovers, so naturally we go to a beer bar when the family is together. I was so happy to be able to go to a beer bar. My mother comes to Tokyo frequently to drink beer with her friends in Tokyo, and she relies on me to tell her about the best beer stores in Tokyo, which she learned about when I started this challenge (laughs). (Laughs.) There were times when I thought, “What a struggle, but I’m going to continue …… for a while longer!

It seems to this magazine that she has received “a gift that cannot be replaced by money” as a result of her 10-year challenge. As she awaits the good news, Mana Amano is sipping a glass of wine with joy today.

Amano Mana’s occasional expression of ennui.
Photo book “Nama no Mana” is now on sale
Under the elevated railway tracks in Tokyo
Two-faced and campy!
  • Profile Mana Amano

    Mana Amano was born in Osaka on October 14, 1991. She moved to Tokyo at the age of 17 and made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2009. While working as a gravure artist and actress, she has been uploading videos of herself drinking beer every day for over 10 years, making her the "ultimate beer girl.

  • Photo by Takeshi Kinugawa

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