Fujimon, Ken Watanabe, TKO… “Those who can return to terrestrial broadcasting after scandals and those who can’t”: Is there a “gap” between them? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fujimon, Ken Watanabe, TKO… “Those who can return to terrestrial broadcasting after scandals and those who can’t”: Is there a “gap” between them?

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When a popular celebrity is involved in a scandal, the TV industry is in an uproar. Recently, FUJIWARA’s Toshifumi Fujimoto (52) was involved in a hit-and-run accident and announced on October 11 that he would refrain from performing.

Fujimoto, who reportedly went to work as usual immediately after the accident, told FRIDAY directly, “I have already apologized to the victim. I am very sorry.

Fujimon had no regular TV programs, but he was a very popular comedian on various TV stations. It has been about a month since he announced his self-restraint, but there are still many programs that have already been recorded. All stations have been forced to respond with tickers.

Atsushi Tsutsumishita, 46, of “Impulse” fame, who had also been suspended due to a traffic accident, returned to the stage in place of Fujimon, and has also resumed YouTube, but a director of a production company laments, “As expected, after three accidents, it is difficult to use him because of the fear that he will get into trouble again.

Tsutsumishita’s attitude toward the staff and others involved in his career was poor, and it hurt him that he was not well-liked. I don’t know any TV people around me who would extend a helping hand to him.

On the other hand, “Un-jash” actor Ken Watanabe (51), who had been on self-imposed self-imposed suspension for nearly two years until last February due to his “multi-purpose toilet affair,” is “making a splendid comeback,” according to the broadcaster.

The ABEMA variety “Love Hyena” examines Watanabe’s lucrative wedding speech business. His talk skills as a comedian were proven once again.

Although Watabe is in a “muso” state now that the ban on adultery stories has been lifted, there are those who say, “Even so, it will be difficult for him to return to terrestrial broadcasting.

The late Mr. Janney Kitagawa’s sexual assault has become a social problem, and sponsors are more concerned than ever about sexual problems. Also, Watanabe, like Tsutsumishita before him, became a bit of a big shot in the arm when he was a big seller, and that didn’t sit well with the staff at the TV stations.

The disgraced duo of Takayuki Kinoshita (51), who was found to be harassing his junior colleagues, and Takehiro Kimoto (52), who caused investment troubles, were able to return to terrestrial television because they “had the backing of big names,” according to a broadcaster mentioned above.

TKO” is adored by Matsumoto Hitoshi (60),” said a broadcaster. Eiko Kano (41), who is into atsushi Tamura (49), and other talents who are good at getting into the bosom of the big boys are easy to get pulled up even if they cause scandals. TKO” was highly regarded for its return to its roots in contrivances, and Kano works hard. It’s a good thing that he’s back because of his humanity. ……”

A TV representative at an advertising agency pointed out that clients avoid “scandalous celebrities who have a gap between their conventional image and the one they have.

TKO” was not very well-liked to begin with, so it was easy for people to tease him. On the other hand, “Jungle Pocket” Saito Shinji (41) had revealed his past as a bullied child and was working to raise awareness of the bullying problem, so many people felt betrayed when his adulterous pick-up was reported.

Looking at past examples, it seems likely that Fujimon, who is not sold as a saint and is loved by his fellow comedians for his skills, will be given a helping hand.

From the December 1, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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