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China] Hundreds of plastic bottles on used bicycles…! The traffic situation is too dynamic.

≪Shocking China Report≫ Excess! Excessive amount! Excessive! Is this OK?

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A used bicycle and a man pulling a cart carrying a large number of plastic bottles and huge Zuda bags on a street in Shanghai.

An old bicycle is pulling a cart carrying hundreds of plastic bottles and huge, bulging Zuda bags.

Overloaded cars and motorcycles carrying large numbers of people are a dynamic sight often seen on the streets of China. This is a unique traffic situation that is unimaginable in Japan and has been overlooked despite its illegality. The reason for this is said to be related to the vast land area that the country has occupied since ancient times and its large population, which is said to exceed 1.4 billion people. Chinese journalist Zhou Laiyu explains.

In order to efficiently transport large numbers of people over long distances, it is necessary to carry as much cargo as possible in a single vehicle. At best, it is rational, but at worst, it is cheating. It’s probably also because people don’t want to pay the highway, gasoline, and other fees that come with splitting their cargo between multiple vehicles.”

The surprising reality is not only overloading. A car that cleans the road as it drives by spinning several brooms in the back. A passenger car with thousands of golden coins pasted on it to show off its wealth. …… However, it seems that these “famous Chinese” scenes are gradually disappearing. Mr. Zhou continues.

Especially in urban areas, traffic regulations have become stricter, and there are now fines for carrying more than the standard amount. In rural areas, it may still be a common sight, but in a big city like Beijing, it will probably disappear in a few years.

A typical Chinese scene is in danger of extinction. It may be a trend of the times, but it’s still a bit sad!

A scooter carrying five people, photographed in Hunan Province, central China. It looks quite difficult to drive.
In Gansu Province in the north, an unusual municipal vehicle with a broom attached to the back rotates to clean the road.
A woman in Shanghai carrying a large amount of Styrofoam. I wonder if she can safely check both sides of the road when she is buried under her load.
A mass of shared bikes abandoned in a vacant lot in the eastern province of Jiangsu, where excessive competition has led to a string of corporate bankruptcies.
Monorail crashes into a huge house? In Chongqing, central China, a monorail hub was built inside a condominium to save people the trouble of walking to the station.
Golden and rich! A car in Fujian Province in the east with thousands of golden coins pasted on it. The owner of the car used the coins to show off his wealth!

From the December 1, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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