Stop it! …Former physical therapist “allegedly indecent to women in a closed room partitioned by curtains” – startling true picture | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Stop it! …Former physical therapist “allegedly indecent to women in a closed room partitioned by curtains” – startling true picture

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He denies the charges when questioned by police.

A man was massaging a female customer who was lying on her back. His hands gradually moved to the lower part of the body. The man began to touch the lower half of the woman’s body and sexually assaulted her.

On November 19, the Arakawa Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced the arrest of Sunao Inoue, 32, of Adachi-ku, Tokyo, a suspect of unknown occupation, on suspicion of non-consensual sexual intercourse. Inoue is the former manager of a chiropractic clinic in Arakawa Ward. He told the police, “This is not true. I will discuss the details with my lawyer.

The alleged incident took place in July of this year. The victim was a female customer, Ms. A, who had visited the store several times. Inoue allegedly touched Ms. A’s lower body under the guise of ‘treatment. She said, “Please stop it! Ms. A was reluctant to have her bottom touched, and the suspect sexually assaulted her.

Ms. A consulted the police on the same day. The incident was discovered. There was a female employee at the reception desk that day, but the massage was performed in a closed room separated by a curtain. Since there were other female customers who complained of similar damage, the police believe that the suspect Inoue is guilty of extra crimes” (reporter from the society section of a national newspaper).

Calling a female nurse into an examination room: ……

There is no end to the number of indecent incidents that occur in the closed rooms of clinics and doctor’s offices. The following is a list of recent cases.

In December 2008, the director of a clinic in Tokyo, B, was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault. The nurse told her husband that she had been subjected to indecent acts by the director. When the husband questioned B, a video of the “treatment” was found and the incident was uncovered.

In October 2010, former doctor C was arrested on suspicion of quasi-forcible sexual intercourse and quasi-forcible obscenity, for allegedly sexually assaulting a sleeping female patient at a clinic where he was the director. The crime took place in a treatment room at night. It was nighttime, and there were no other employees or patients in the clinic.

In March of this year, the clinic’s director, D, was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault. He allegedly touched the lower half of her body for about an hour. A small camera was used to film the “palpation. There was no one else in the hospital.

The longer it takes, the more difficult it becomes to prove that the crime was committed behind closed doors because there is little evidence and no witnesses. It is important to consult with the police as soon as you are victimized. Most doctors are not involved in any crime and take their patients’ health seriously. On the other hand, it is a fact that there are perpetrators who repeatedly commit indecent acts, believing that they are less likely to be discovered if they do it behind closed doors.

The police are alerting the public to these despicable crimes, which are committed by doctors and osteopaths who take advantage of their superior position to listen to patients’ problems and alleviate their suffering. The police are calling for attention.

Several female customers reportedly complained of being victimized (some photos have been doctored).
Was the crime committed in a closed room separated by curtains?
At the time of the incident, there were also female employees at the clinic (some photos have been doctored).
Many assailants target the timing of being alone with female customers or patients (some photos have been doctored).
The suspect, Inoue, was arrested (some photos have been doctored).
Police are investigating extra charges (some photos have been doctored)
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