Kyoko Fukada’s “bold and dazzling green kimono outfit” brings joy to her fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kyoko Fukada’s “bold and dazzling green kimono outfit” brings joy to her fans!

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Kyoko Fukada during the filming of a drama last fall.

Actress Kyoko Fukada’s “dazzling light green kimono outfit” is creating quite a stir. It was published in the Winter 2021 issue of “Beautiful Kimono,” a kimono magazine featuring Fukada on its cover.

The magazine ran a six-page article with photos and interviews of Fukada wearing a colorful kimono. The article says, “Kyoko Fukada, an actress popular for her irresistible looks and friendly personality, is here! She wore a gorgeous visiting kimono with elegance” (from the magazine).

(from the magazine). “Beautiful Kimono” often features “calm” women such as Nanako Matsushima as models, but Fukada has also aged in a wonderful way. Fukada has also aged in a wonderful way. She looks so beautiful in her kimono that it leaves me speechless.

Fukada’s light green kimono is one of the most striking features of the magazine. The floral pattern of the fabric accentuates Fukada’s gorgeousness. The Harry Winston ring on her finger is also very impressive. It’s a coordination that makes me feel fresh and excited.

This yuzen-dyed visiting kimono is full of peonies and a hundred other flowers on a green background that evokes the budding of spring. It is as if you are looking at a single painting, with a variety of flowers drawn in delicate shades of color. Wear it with a flower-patterned obi (sash)” (from the magazine)

Incidentally, Fukada played the role of a waitress in a TV drama series when she was a teenager, and she wore a kimono every day.

The magazine says, “When I was rehearsing for a major drama, I wore a yukata at home and went out. It was a yukata with a pine tree pattern and an island pattern,” she recalled. She enjoys wearing a yukata every summer. She also said, “I would like to wear a kimono to the first visit to a shrine at least once in my life.

In addition, there are photos of Fukada in a pure light blue kimono and a gorgeous red and gold kimono. This is an irresistible book for fans to keep forever!

Fukada has had a tough year this year, taking a break from her activities. I hope she can take a rest at least at the end of the year. Please take a break at least at the end of the year and show us your good health again next year. ……!

  • photo by Yusuke Kondo

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