In contrast to her ex-husband Fujimon, who is on hiatus after a hit-and-run accident, Yukina Kinoshita, who is back on terrestrial television, is doing very well with her “advertising” projects. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In contrast to her ex-husband Fujimon, who is on hiatus after a hit-and-run accident, Yukina Kinoshita, who is back on terrestrial television, is doing very well with her “advertising” projects.

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Yukina Kinoshita is back on “terrestrial television” after an absence of about four years. Will she give her ex-husband, Toshifumi Fujimoto, a helping hand? ……

Former celebrity Yukina Kinoshita will appear on “Zenryoku Deryoku Times” (Fuji TV) on November 10! Dairiki Times” (Fuji Television Network) on November 10, her first appearance on terrestrial television in four years was met with a huge response, both good and bad.

After leaving her agency due to the tapioca store intimidation scandal and the affair scandal, Kinoshita had dared to use the words “ordinary person” and “amateur” at the press conference for the release of her photo book, emphasizing that she had retired.

After returning to the terrestrial wave, is the tapioca disturbance still trailing behind her?

I don’t understand the nerve of using this person on TV who did not hold an apology press conference even though he intimidated a civilian.
It’s so disgusting. Isn’t he supposed to have retired?
“He’s still lingering around.

The fact that he returned to terrestrial broadcasting means that he is “back on terrestrial television.

The fact that she has returned to terrestrial broadcasting is like an endorsement that she has been subjected to a “physical examination” to check her compliance. According to some reports, he has received a number of advertisement projects since then.

It is possible that programs that want to have a buzz will continue to offer them more and more, and although the first media outlet may be burned by the flames, the next program to have them appear is expected to be less likely to protest, which should make it easier for them to make an offer.

In fact, a look at Kinoshita’s Instagram shows that she praises esthetic and hair removal salons under their real names, and even posts links to them. Although there is no mention of “PR,” this may be another publicity stunt.

Dairikyoku Times” is hosted and directed by Teppei Arita of “Kurimu-Chu,” and it is possible that Kinoshita made a surprise appearance on the show. There was a time when the “untouchables” Hidetsugu Shibata had a scandal in the past and the duo stopped performing together, but in 2007, Hiroya Yamazaki made a surprise appearance on the same show and performed a manzai with Shibata, which also attracted attention. Since then, Untouchable has resumed their activities as a duo.

Dairikyoku Times is also known for its “pioneering” performances.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Toshifumi Fujimoto of the comedy duo “Fujiwara,” has suspended his entertainment activities after a hit-and-run accident, but how he will return to the entertainment business is a hot topic.

The victim was uninjured, so it didn’t turn out to be a big deal, but the investigation revealed that the driver had ignored a red light and entered an intersection. Moreover, it was reported that he stated that he was unaware that he had been hit.

Until now, Ms. Kinoshita had been more anti-Fujimoto, but now her position is becoming worse. They were originally close through their children even after their divorce, and even posted two shots of each other on their Instagram. I hear that the director of a show like “Derelicte Times,” who loves surprises, is thinking of a “double comeback with the ex-couple. Well, it’s not sure if it will happen. ……” (TV station source)

Fujimoto often teased Kinoshita on variety shows during her flame war, but will it be Kinoshita’s turn to tease Fujimoto now? Will she be Fujimoto’s helper after the divorce?

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