Mana, a sauna grad who is a member of the “2 totoitai ……” sauna club, recommends 5 private saunas in the Tokyo metropolitan area that can be used on a date. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mana, a sauna grad who is a member of the “2 totoitai ……” sauna club, recommends 5 private saunas in the Tokyo metropolitan area that can be used on a date.

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Mana smiles in the sauna “totoi space” introduced in the article. She has visited nearly 300 saunas all over Japan.

I got into sauna just before the spread of the new coronavirus. I originally started sauna for my health, but when the word ‘totonou’ became popular, I tried taking a water bath after taking a sauna and it felt so good,” she says.

Mana rode the wave of the sauna boom triggered by the TV drama “Sadou” (TV Tokyo), which aired from around 1919, and began frequenting saunas herself.

Originally a gravure idol, Mana started the YouTube program “Muchimuchisauna,” which toured saunas around Japan around 2009. She also co-stars with Kuriemi, who was selected as the grand prix winner of Nichitelegenic in 2012 and is now also active as an entrepreneur, and gravure idol Nanoha. Last year, the show was also broadcast on terrestrial television.

From the nearly 300 saunas she has visited, Mana introduces five saunas in the Tokyo metropolitan area that can be used on dates. (*All items in parentheses in the photo captions are Mana’s impressions of the saunas she actually visited.)

(1) A facility near the station but rich in nature: Bade and natural hot spring, Toshimaen Garden-no-Yu (Nerima)

There is an open-air bath surrounded by nature about a 5-minute walk from the nearest station.
There is also a Jacuzzi bath between the indoor bath and the Finnish sauna
I am healed in the outdoor Finnish sauna, which you can enter in your swimsuit.”
A private sauna, newly built in March of this year, where you can enjoy time alone with your partner.
Inside the tent sauna. “It’s located in a natural setting, so when I looked out from inside, it was like being in the middle of a forest.

I love super public baths as much as I love saunas, and wouldn’t it be great to be able to enjoy a sauna together in a super public bath? Isn’t it great to be able to enjoy a sauna together in a super public bath? You can also enjoy a hot spring bath together, and even though it is right in the center of the city, it is really relaxing with its rich natural surroundings. The food is also delicious! I also liked the fact that you can rent swimsuits so you can wander outdoors.

The newly built tent sauna zone can be reserved for private use, so you can spend some time alone with your partner, and since it is in the middle of the garden, it was like being in a forest. ♡︎”

(2) Sexy atmosphere while also feeling the sunlight ARCH (Kagurazaka)

An arch-shaped sauna. It’s rounded and cute.”
The “totonoi-ho” (place to relax) is also located outside. You can enjoy the outside air.
This is a space where you can stay overnight. You can stay here, watch a movie, or have a drink.
The original cocktail with sumi ink. It’s very tasty.

I would like my partner to bring me to this luxurious sauna as a reward. The whole space is stylish and nice. There are many luxury saunas in Tokyo, but this is the only one that has a sexy atmosphere while also feeling the sunlight, I would say it is the one and only.

The sauna and water baths are perfect, the drinks at the bar are delicious, and it made me feel like an adult. The drinks at the bar were delicious, and it made me feel like an adult.

(3) Kawaii amenities……hisoca (Ikebukuro)

The space is just big enough for two people,…… so I’d like to come here with my partner.
There are a lot of amenities. The goods are also cute.” “Aren’t the pajamas cute?
The pajamas are cute, aren’t they? I woke up in the morning and put them on and it would be …… cute, wouldn’t it?
The largest room in the hotel. The ornaments are big and very gorgeous.
The plan that includes breakfast will bring this to you. They put it in front of your room so you don’t have to face the staff (of the facility).

The hotel is a Korean style hotel, which is very popular nowadays! First of all, it is heightened from the front entrance. I want to spend time with my partner in his/her pajamas, they are so comfortable. The breakfast is so cute, I can’t help but fantasize about having this breakfast with the person I love.

(4) A water bath inside the sauna: ……KUDOCHI (Roppongi)

This is an ARABESQUE room with a water bath in the sauna.
The world view is really a theme park.
Original drinks and ice cream are also available for purchase in person.
Is it a good picture?

It’s a luxury private sauna room with a lot of variety. You can dive from the sauna room to go to the water bath (outside space), there is a room where you can do karaoke, and there is a warm bath. ……

It just opened in May, and all the rooms are really like a theme park. Let’s complete all the rooms! It’s the kind of place I’d like to go with my partner.

5) The feeling of visiting a shrine ooo (Nihonbashi)

Tatami sauna in a square room. It heals me.”
Tatami sauna in the triangular room
Tatami sauna in the triangular room.
Grapefruit juice (left) and shiso juice (right). They were delicious.

I think it’s a different way to get in tune with yourself. It’s hard to describe, but it was like going to a shrine and praying, and I felt a sense of resetting, which was wonderful.

I feel that a private sauna room is a bit of a hurdle to overcome, but perhaps it is because of the tatami mats, but it is relaxing. The food and drinks are very good, and I recommend this sauna for the first time with your partner.

  • PHOTO Courtesy of Mana

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