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What do “Favorite Ps” Have in Common with Fathers that Attract Girls and Develop into Dating Partners?

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*Image is for reference only. Photo/ Kyodo News

In the summer of 2023, a woman who was engaged in papa-katsu, or papa-activities, known as “Itari-girl Riri-chan,” was arrested on suspicion of using her romantic feelings for a man to swindle him out of cash.

The term “Yorigake Joshi” is a more malicious version of “Papa Katsudo”. They take advantage of a man’s romantic feelings to receive cash. It may not sound much different from “papa-katsu” girls, but in the case of “itare-girls,” there are many lies involved.

But why are we still deceived by this girls? It is because they believe that they can win a man’s favor even if they know it is a lie.

Mai Watanabe, the “Itare-girl” who took advantage of men’s romantic feelings and made them pay as much as 300 million yen in tribute (from her official YouTube channel).

The Existence of “Favorite P”

“Today I have a date with my crush, so it’s not hard at all.”

A man (papa) whom a papa-katsu-girl likes is called a “Favorite P” (a term used by young women to describe a man they have a crush on). The papa-katsu-girls I met were engaged in papa-katsu with several men, but there was a world of difference between the two in the way they treated them.

As I talked to them, I found that many of the papa-active girls who make up the “Favorite P” in the first place are doing papa-active activities as a side job and are not making full bets on papa-active activities all the time. In other words, while they are not beginners in papa-activities, they are not “professionals” at all, and are in the core group of existence.


“I hold hands with Ps I like outside and even go skin-to-skin with them myself. I feel like I’m enjoying a pseudo-romance with an older guy. I don’t even like to walk around with my old man, so I would never hold hands with him.”

She even says that she would be willing to go out with him as long as he continues to pay her “allowance” (compensation for being a daddy’s girl).

However, she is disgusted by “shitty uncles,” who force women to have a physical relationship with them or ask them to go out with them or take trips with them.

The borderline of what they will allow their “dads” to do is not equal. It is only natural.

Meeting and going out with a guy through “papa katsudo” is the ideal end point for a dad. But what exactly is a “Favorite P” that these women allow themselves to be with?

Most uncles are identified as “Shit Ps”

To better explain “Favorite P,” it is easier to explain “Shit P,” which is the opposite of “Favorite P.” The “Shit P” is a kind of “Uncle” 

Have you ever heard of one of Aesop’s fables, “The North Wind and the Sun”? The North Wind and the Sun play a game of taking off the traveler’s jacket. The stronger the north wind blows, the harder the traveler tries to keep his jacket from being blown off. The next time the sun shines, the traveler takes off his jacket.


There are many interpretations of this fairy tale, but I believe that we can learn from this story that “getting worked up is counterproductive” and “those who do not have the ability to make flexible decisions will lose”. The same is true of men for women who are active in the papa’s life.

Men who are known as “Shit P” are willing to put their own personal interests first in order to have a deep relationship with the women in the papa’s life.

For example, they may tell a girl how they feel by saying, “I’ve fallen in love with you.” Or they may ask, “I want to have a relationship where we can meet without allowance,” or “When can we have sex?” and other such coercive actions are only disgusting to the papa’s female fans. The “Shit P” blows hard and strong like the north wind and tries to get rid of the “papa-katsu” relationship.


The “Shit P” will try to get rid of the “daddy-daddy” relationship by blowing the wind as hard and as strong as the north wind.

It is just like when you are chased, you want to run away as fast as you can.

If you are not able to have a relationship with a young woman beyond paying her for a meal, there is no easy way to become their “favorite P” and play with her for free.

To be a “Favorite P,” you have to be a “Good P”.

In other words, to put it simply, they will take off their jackets if they are not desperate and only do what they can do.

If a man is not even clean, he will only make them feel uncomfortable, which is out of the question, so the first thing to do is to keep up appearances. And they do not reduce the allowance they give to the women. (Since the relationship is based on money, it is only natural that a man who gives you money in the first place will make a better impression.) Next, don’t stretch things out, but meet quickly and for a short period of time. Keep meeting and dismissal times.

I once asked a girl in the papa’s office, “If he was good-looking, would you ever like P?” She replied, “No, I don’t. It’s just like the men who think that if a customer in the sex industry is good-looking, they will be happy. That is an illusion. If they don’t give me money continuously, it doesn’t matter what they look like”.

In the first place, having a good face, money, car, social status, etc., are only effective cards when you have a “good P.” In the second place, you have to be a good looking man.

Papa activities are just a “job” to be done with an eye on the paycheck. Therefore, you have no choice but to be a good customer first. 

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