Nana Eikura Shows Off her “Divine Style” in a Bewitching Dress in Press Conference | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nana Eikura Shows Off her “Divine Style” in a Bewitching Dress in Press Conference

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Eikura in a dark blue dress. Even after becoming a mother of two, her “beautiful style” is still evident.

After the birth of her second child in 2021, Nana Eikura (35) is about to make a full-fledged return to acting.

Eikura married actor Kento Kaku (34) in August 2016, and their first child was born in June 2017 and their second in February 2021. Although she temporarily put her entertainment career on hold, after giving birth to her second child, she resumed acting in the movie “99.9: The Movie,” which was released in December of the same year, and also appeared in last year’s “Old Rookie” (TBS) as the wife supporting Go Ayano (41), who stars in the movie. She played the role of his wife.

Although her number of appearances in dramas and movies per year has dropped drastically compared to before, some are saying that she will soon make a full-fledged comeback.


“Eikura has been gradually increasing her activities on the stage, such as her appearance on the variety show “Banana Sandwich” (TBS) in August this year, which is rare for an actress to appear on a TV program without any promotional materials. Last year marked the 20th anniversary of her debut as an exclusive model for SEVENTEEN, and I think she has a stronger desire to be in the public eye than anyone else because she has been in the entertainment industry for so long.”

“She won the Japan Academy Award for Best Newcomer for her role in the 2010 film “Bride with One Month to Live,” and is as well known for her acting ability as Masami Nagasawa (36) and Yui Aragaki (35), who are both in the same age bracket, and many in the industry are interested in casting her as an actress who can “get ratings”. If she makes a full-fledged return to acting, there is a possibility that she will receive offers constantly, so she may be asking for the right time to return, including balancing her work with childcare.”


In September of this year, she appeared at the press conference announcing Mizuho Bank’s new NISA commercial, dressed in a calm dark blue one-piece dress and showing off her unchanged divine 9 head height style. At the press conference, she was asked questions related to her family and money in connection with the new commercial,

She answered, “We are now a family of four, and my oldest child is now six years old. I want my children to experience many fun things while not thinking about their school fees. I now think about it from a completely different angle than when I was on my own.”

Eikura also mentioned her future with her husband, Kaku, at the press conference. Since her marriage, she has always put her family first.

Eikura’s full-fledged return to acting will require the dedicated support of her husband, Kento Kaku, but the couple is said to be on very good terms.

“Mr. Kaku has been sharing the responsibility of childcare with Eikura since she became a successful actress, so as not to add to her workload. Even now, when they have time, they sometimes leave their child with his grandmother and go out for dinner alone. If Eikura wanted to make a full-fledged comeback to acting, I am sure that Kaku would readily agree.”


She is well on her way to a successful comeback. However, Eikura has not changed her attitude of always putting her family first. Although it is unlikely that she will appear in a number of movies and dramas anytime soon, the day may not be far off when she shines again in a leading role.

Eikura smiles for the camera.
Beautiful legs peeking out from the slit of her dress.
Eikura leaving the press conference. We can hardly wait for her full-fledged comeback!
  • PHOTO Kazuhiko Nakamura

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