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Documentary Film “WILL” Highlights Masahiro Higashide’s Lifestyle as a Hunter

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Higashide walks his dog in a park when he was still a newlywed. It was Anzu who was holding the dog’s leash in a small photo on the right side of the screen (2016).

Comedian Hiroiki Ariyoshi (49), who will host the “74th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen” on New Year’s Eve, mentioned actor Masahiro Higashide’s (35) movie on the live broadcast of the JFN radio program “Hiroiki Ariyoshi’s ‘SUNDAY NIGHT DREAMER'” on January 12.


The program introduced a documentary film “WILL” (to be released on February 16 next year), which closely follows Higashide’s hunting life. The film documents Higashide’s life in the mountains without electricity or running water for a year. In the film, Higashide is said to be in a state of chaos and conflict as he eats the deer and wild boar he hunts and interacts with the local people. Ariyoshi said, “I, too, am interested in hunting. It sounds interesting,” he said, looking forward to the movie’s release.

“Ariyoshi, who is a hot celebrity, made this comment, so it must have a great influence on him. Since Higashide’s hunting life has been covered by various media so far, it is likely that media exposure for the film’s release will increase.” (movie writer).


Speaking of Higashide, in January 2020, his affair with Erika Karada (26), an actress with whom he co-starred in the film “Sleeping and Waking” (2017), was reported in “Bungeishunju” (a weekly magazine), resulting in the termination of a commercial in which he appeared and other serious damage. He divorced his wife, actress Anne (37), in August of the same year, and Anne has custody of their three children.

Karada was forced to take a hiatus, but Higashide continued to work and was inundated with criticism. He was forced into a corner where he could not pay child support for his three children, as well as his career as an actor. Then, perhaps realizing something, he started a hunting life in the mountains near the Kanto region in the spring of the same year.

On the other hand, however, he has starred in a series of films, including “Blue” (2021), “Kusa no Hibiki” (2020), “Tenjo no Hana” (2022), and “Winny” (2023), all of which were released one after another, and he has performed well in all of them, demonstrating his acting ability to the fullest. Recently, his appearance in ABEMA’s variety show “The End of the World, Hiroyuki Left Behind” became a topic of conversation.


And this month, he appeared twice on the official YouTube video of the prestigious Futakoyama-juku. The video of him practicing “Gachi-Keiko” with his mawashi tightened has received more than 540,000 views, and the video of him cooking a deer he had killed himself and serving curry has received more than 1,040,000 views. 

“Many people wear a mawashi over shorts, but Higashide surprised the apprentices in the room by wearing nothing at all. The hostess was delighted by Higashide’s tall, model-like figure with moderate muscles, saying, “He’s so cool!” They were so pleased. He looked so good that it would not be surprising if he is offered a role in the next episode of “Sanctuary,” a popular Netflix drama. He is also an excellent cook.”


He makes a business out of cooking on business trips, so he may be using the money he earns from that to pay for childcare.

Thanks to his excellent performance, it will not be long before he is able to make a comeback as an actor.


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Immediately after the affair report, he acted to avoid being seen on location for “Keiji and Kenji” (January 2020).
In March 2020, he was interviewed for the first time after the affair report. However, he answered, “I can’t answer your questions,” which drew criticism (Photo/Afro)
In February 2022, Higashide returns home after finishing a play in which he was starring at the time. Two days later, he terminated his contract with his then-agency.
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