Shocking photo of the former president of a Trekkie sales company, who was at a luxurious overseas hotel with a woman… “Fraud of 180 million yen with ‘Pokéka'”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shocking photo of the former president of a Trekkie sales company, who was at a luxurious overseas hotel with a woman… “Fraud of 180 million yen with ‘Pokéka'”.

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Allegedly cheated the company out of money while in a top position.

Purchased expensive wine and luxury cars. Traveled abroad with women. Eating lavish meals and staying in luxurious hotels. ……

It seems that the money used for all of these expenses was money that he cheated from the company. The amount of the money was well over 100 million yen.

The suspect, Keiichiro Nishiura, 48, a resident of Koto-ku, Tokyo with an unknown occupation, was arrested on November 15 by the Investigation Division 2 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of violating the Companies Act (special breach of trust). Nishiura is the former president of Card Labo, a trading card sales company affiliated with Animate, an anime goods specialty store. He is alleged to have caused 180 million yen in damages to the company.

The “M.O. was cunning. According to the police, he pretended to purchase more than 40,000 used trading cards of popular animations such as “Pokemon” and “Yu-Gi-Oh! The company had the man’s bank account credited with 180 million yen in cash.

The crimes were committed at least 70 times between May ’19 and April ’22. The total amount of fraud was high because rare trading cards were sometimes traded for several million yen. The accountant could not raise objections because he was instructed to do so by the president himself. In May 2010, an inspection by the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau uncovered the fraud.

Even the rent of his house. ……

Nishiura, who admitted the fraud in an internal investigation, was dismissed from his position as president around the time of the tax inspections. The manner in which he used the money he had swindled from the company is also astonishing.

Of the 180 million yen he illegally obtained, Nishiura apparently received more than 160 million yen, minus commissions, from a male acquaintance who provided him with an account. He used the money to pay for hotels on overseas trips with women, to purchase expensive wine and luxury cars, and to pay rent on his own house. …… It is believed that at least 100 million yen was used for these expenses.

In response to the former president’s breach of trust, “CardLab” released the following comment.

We sincerely apologize to our customers, business partners, and all other concerned parties for the concern and inconvenience this incident has caused.

According to the company’s internal investigation, there are other fraudulent activities by the suspect Nishiura. The amount of fraud may be even higher.

The money was used to pay for lodging with women and other expenses. …… (some photos have been doctored)
The crime spanned at least three years.
The former president of the company is now a suspect.
Arrested suspect Nishiura
  • PHOTO Shinji Hasuo

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