Kicking an ambulance and getting arrested… Chihiro Onitsuka “screaming just before the arrest and the severe future”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kicking an ambulance and getting arrested… Chihiro Onitsuka “screaming just before the arrest and the severe future”.

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Suspect Onitsuka being transferred from Shibuya Police Station to a hospital in Tokyo for drug tests.

Don’t touch me!

On the evening of a holiday, a woman’s screams echoed through a restaurant district in the city center. The woman, wearing a dark leather jacket, was still huddled in the street, probably drunk. When the rushing paramedics tried to talk to her, she brushed off their hands and refused to respond.

On November 28, singer-songwriter Chihiro Onitsuka, 41, was arrested on suspicion of damaging property. At around 4:30 p.m. on the evening of the same day, she kicked the rear door of an ambulance once on a street in Ebisu, Tokyo, causing a dent in the vehicle.

At the time, Onitsuka was at a pachinko parlor near the scene with a female acquaintance. The woman’s health suddenly deteriorated, so he called 119. At that time, he kicked the ambulance that rushed to the scene. In response to an investigation by the Shibuya Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Onitsuka made the following statement. He said, “I panicked because a passerby was giving me a hard time. It seems that Onitsuka will have to bear the cost of repairing the damaged ambulance,” said a reporter for a national newspaper.

Black clothes with an aura

The crime scene is located in the downtown area, about 100 meters from JR Ebisu Station in the direction of Shibuya. It is lined with pubs, drugstores, and supermarkets, and is frequented by young people. I talked to a staff member of a nearby restaurant.

A staff member of a nearby restaurant told us, “Fire trucks and police cars came by, and the atmosphere suddenly became very somber. I’ve seen Onitsuka from time to time before. I think he was a regular at the pachinko parlor. He often wore dark clothes that gave off the aura of a musician.

Onitsuka’s love of pachinko is well known. I asked the manager of the pachinko parlor in question for an interview, but he politely declined, saying, “I can’t talk to you. I’m sorry,” he politely refused.

Onitsuka debuted in February 2000. Her second single, “Moonlight,” released in August of the same year, became a huge hit, selling approximately 600,000 copies, and her fourth single, “Daze,” released in December 2001, won the Japan Record Award for Best Song. In December 2001, her fourth single, “Daze,” won the Poetry Award at the Japan Record Awards. Despite her glamorous career, she has had her share of troubles.

In September 2001, she appeared on “Music Station” (TV Asahi) and said, “The hamster I had was making a lot of noise, so I left it on the balcony and it died of heatstroke. In August 2010, she was violently attacked by her live-in boyfriend, and suffered a broken face and a month-long recovery. In August 2010, she was seriously injured for a month after her live-in boyfriend attacked her and broke her face.

Onitsuka was arrested on the street in Ebisu. Onitsuka was arrested on the street in Ebisu, and this incident will inevitably hinder her activities in the future.

I’m worried that her fans will leave her. I’m worried that her fans will leave her.

In her autobiographical essay, “Shards of the Moon,” Onitsuka confesses to having panic attacks and suicide attempts in the past. The cost of his spontaneous actions seems to be quite high.

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