Yumiko Takahashi, “the last legitimate idol of the 20th century,” worried about her “taken-home” past after leaving her agency | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yumiko Takahashi, “the last legitimate idol of the 20th century,” worried about her “taken-home” past after leaving her agency

Yumiko Takahashi was involved in an affair in 2006, but got married the year before last.

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Also active in musicals and other stage productions (’03, Photo/Kyodo)

Yumiko Takahashi, 49, who has been called “the last true idol of the 20th century” and has been focusing on acting in recent years, has been the focus of much attention for some time. The former representative of the purist movement has gone freelance, and there are fears that her past “outbursts” may be recurring.

On October 30, the Web edition of “Josei Jishin” reported that Takahashi had left her company, “GRANDPA Production,” in January of this year. The article also reported the comment of a person in charge of the agency, “I think she is now working as a freelancer. In January of this year, Takahashi launched an official Instagram page to report on her activities and daily life, which coincides with the timing of her departure from the agency mentioned in the report.

Takahashi began her career as an actress in 1989, and made her debut as a singer in 1990 with “Step by Step,” which became the theme song for the animated TV series “The Hero of Magic: Wataru 2. In 1994, she got her break in the serial drama series “Minamikun no Koibito” (TV Asahi), in which she starred. She supported the idol world in the early 1990s when it was in the doldrums, and the theme song from the drama, “Just Be My Friend,” became a hit, selling approximately 400,000 copies.

Her “fresh good looks, cheerful character, and idol-like activities led her to be called the “last legitimate idol of the 20th century,” but since the 2000s she has focused on her acting career. She appeared in the drama series “Shomuni” (Fuji TV), numerous suspense dramas, and stage productions, and around six or seven years ago, she began to talk about her love of drinking and “drunkenness” on variety shows. Finally, in 2006, a complete “character change” occurred.

In March 2006, “Shukan Bunshun” reported that Takahashi had entered a love hotel with a businessman in his 40s who had a wife and child, and the allegation of adultery came to light. The report also reported that Takahashi responded to the reporter in an aggressive tone, saying, “I’m doing a lot more than that. Immediately after the report, however, he apologized, saying, “I should be blamed for my indiscreet behavior,” in effect admitting to the report. The following month, his agency announced the termination of his contract.

In April 2007, when Takahashi’s purist image was on the verge of collapse, GRANDPA, founded by the late Masahiko Tsugawa, came to his rescue. Since it was reported that Takahashi had left the office to which he was indebted, some in the entertainment industry were surprised and wondered what had happened to him.

In late October, it was announced that he will attend the 35th anniversary event of “Majin Hero Den Wataru” series to be held in January next year. In late October, it was announced that she will be attending the 35th anniversary event of the “Majin Hero Den Wataru” series in January next year, and her name has been trending on SNS.

In her personal life, she announced her marriage in April 2009. Although she did not disclose her husband’s profile, some sports papers at the time reported that he was the man with whom she had an affair. Takahashi has led such a checkered life, but now that she is freelance, there are concerns about a “habit.

In January 2006, Takahashi revealed a shocking episode from when she was in her late 20s on “Teppei Arita no Yume Narainai” (TBS). She confessed that she hit it off with a man she had never met before at an izakaya (Japanese-style pub) and woke up the next morning to find herself sleeping at the man’s house.

It is said that she met her current husband by chance at a bar and had an affair with him. Therefore, we cannot help but suspect that she tends to “run wild” with men and the energy of alcohol. In the same year, he caused a commotion when he drank too much alcohol and left the live broadcast of a special program of “Tonight I tried to Deliberate” (NTV) broadcast on the first day of the New Year. In 19 years, some have also reported allegations of working at a snack bar. Without an office to protect him in the event of a “drunken accident,” he has no back-up, and it is worrisome that he might cause a scandal related to drinking,” said an entertainment reporter.

In 2003, Takahashi’s first photogravure in about 14 years was published in a magazine, and her bold appearance became the talk of the town. As she approaches her 50th birthday next January, people around her will be watching to see if the “legitimate idol” will not do something wrong again.

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This is Takahashi’s first hot love scoop reported by this magazine. She was living together with an older businessman (January 2, ’98 issue).
Production announcement of “Shomuni. Takahashi (front row, third from left) played the mysterious role of a female office worker who is a fortune teller (1998).
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