Why it won’t be long before Chiaki Horan, who won all the commercial TV stations, becomes the “face” of TV. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why it won’t be long before Chiaki Horan, who won all the commercial TV stations, becomes the “face” of TV.

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Horan is sought after by various stations. What is its charm? ……

Chiaki Horan (35) is unstoppable.

Speaking of Horan, she has been sitting next to Takahiro Inoue, an announcer, on “N-Sta” (TBS) for the past six years. Currently, she is the MC of “Izukawa Kazushige Horan Fushigi no Kai” on TV Asahi, which has moved from late-night to prime time, and also appeared in the October drama “Kotatsu nanai ie” (Nippon Television Network). He has also appeared on “Narrating the Story of Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Drinking Tsumami” (Fuji TV) since November.

Why is Horan so sought after?

In addition to his looks, which are not disliked by women, there is little chance of scandal. He has been in news, talk variety, and serial dramas, all with above-average results. Come to think of it, there are no other similar types.”

An executive at a commercial TV station analyzes it this way, but she says that she had her own setbacks and bloody efforts to get there. ……

When Horan’s name was announced as the anchor of “N-sta” (TBS) in April 2005, “TV people at all stations were astonished.

“TBS tends to use announcers who quit their jobs at other stations and went freelance as the main anchors of the live wide and news programs. and “Asa Chan! and “Asa Chan!” and “Hakucho Live Bibit,” Inoue, who had been trained in such programs, became the main announcer, which drew applause from the station.

Therefore, there was little criticism of the TV personality Horan sitting next to Inoue. However, for the female announcers at the station, it was not supposed to be funny. She originally wanted to be an announcer, but when she was in college, she lost all her exams to become an announcer.

On the cover, she is quick-witted and unpretentious, and is well-liked by female viewers. He and Inoue have excellent chemistry, and Inoue himself highly praised Horan, saying, “Horan-san helps me a lot. The female announcer had no choice but to remain silent.

Normally, when one takes on a news program in a weekday slot, one’s other work is usually reduced, but in Horan’s case, she continued to appear on programs with a strong variety flavor. In particular, he appeared on “Viking” (Fuji Television) until September 2008.

Naturally, in order to work both “Viking” (an information program) and “NSTA,” he had to do a lot of study and preliminary research. It is easy to imagine that the hard work involved off the TV screen must be extraordinary.

At the end of March of this year (the new fiscal year), the station’s Hibi Maonko joined as the main anchor of “NSTA,” and Horan’s appearances have shifted from Mondays to Thursdays. Some media reported that “Horan might be forced to drop “NSTA,” but this is actually not the case.

First of all, Horan’s agency did not want her to be a “news person. The staff at the agency had been saying since Horan became an anchor at NSTA, ‘Her goal is not here, and her potential is not like this. Her potential is not like this, and she will expand her field of activity.

By reducing her appearances on Fridays, she can now free up her entire schedule from Thursday nights to weekends on Fridays and Saturdays, and she can take on requests to appear on other programs.

(A staff member at a production company).

Ms. Horan has contributed to the increase in viewer ratings for ‘NSTA. As one of the news station’s billboards, she also serves as a field anchor for the election special “Election Day. It is highly unlikely that the program side will cut her.

When Horan takes on a new program, he is known for his thorough research and preparation in advance, tapping into the program’s features and his own role.

For example, in the first episode of “Sake no Tsumami,” the viewers who heard the narration raved about how well it was done. Viewers who heard your narration praised the quality of your work. It was probably because I had studied announcing properly when I was a student. She reads out the results of the survey and then adds a little of her own opinion, but it was well received, with no sarcasm, which shows how well she knows what she is talking about and how likable she is.

So, what is the most important thing about Horan’s character?

She is honest, unpretentious, and not at all flirtatious. She has an unusual way of thinking, which makes her a very distinctive character in a talk variety show. There are times when she is so full of herself that her co-stars are taken aback, but at the moment, it is all good for a laugh.

She says that her experience of losing all the female TV announcer exams is her driving force, and her “what the hell” attitude, combined with her office’s policy, has led her to say, “I’ll take on any job that comes my way. I think there will be more primetime shows in the future.

Horan’s “Warriors” will no doubt continue, with news, talk variety shows, serial dramas, and …….

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