A user of marijuana gummy bears described a “horrifying side reaction. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A user of marijuana gummy bears described a “horrifying side reaction.

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Cannabis gummies” obtained by this magazine. They taste like cola. They look no different from ordinary gummy bears (the photo is different from the gummy bears that are believed to be the cause of a string of health problems in Tokyo and Osaka).

There were munchies, weren’t there? The moment I ate it, I got really hungry. I thought, “Even if it’s not marijuana, this is fine. After all, I wouldn’t get caught.

Mr. A, who is in his thirties and has 15 years of experience in drug trafficking, expressed his surprise when he “ate” the marijuana gummies. Munchies” is a term used to describe the intense feeling of hunger that comes after smoking marijuana, which in turn increases one’s appetite.

On the 3rd of this month, four men and women in their 20s were taken to Oshiage Station in Tokyo, and on the 4th, five men and women were taken to the hospital after eating gummy bears given to them at a festival held in Koganei City, Tokyo. On the evening of the 15th, two men and a woman in their 20s were taken to the hospital with symptoms of numbness in their hands and palpitations at an apartment in Itabashi Ward, Tokyo. Both cases were caused by “legal marijuana gummies.

According to the police, there have been other cases of people being taken to the hospital after eating gummy bears in Tokyo. In Osaka this year, more than a dozen people have fallen ill after eating similar gummies.

What are marijuana gummies really like? What do they taste like and what effects do they have? When this magazine contacted Mr. A, who also has experience as a drug dealer, he told us about his experience using marijuana gummies and their effects.

He said, “I’ve only tried half of them, and if I ate one, I’d probably be dead, I think. The package of the one I ate says, ‘Don’t eat the second one, just the first one, because it’s slow to take effect. I was high for the first two hours. I ate a lot of food at a family restaurant and it was great, but then I threw up everything I ate for a couple of hours. Then I lost consciousness and fell asleep like I was going to collapse.

These side effects seem to vary from person to person. My friend who did it with me didn’t feel sick. He ate only half of it, but he said, ‘I’m still feeling strong after about five hours.

Mr. A provided this magazine with a picture of gummy bears, and he says, “I think one of the reasons for their popularity among young people is that they don’t look so uncomfortable.
In addition to marijuana gummies, drug-related problems continue to plague young people. In Tohyoko, overdose caused by over-the-counter drugs is said to be an epidemic (image from X (formerly Twitter)).

Marijuana contamination among young people is serious. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s statistics reported in January 2011 through 2009, the number of arrests for marijuana offenses has increased for eight consecutive years from the previous year. Furthermore, the increase in the number of arrests of those under the age of 30 is remarkable. Against this backdrop, stores selling legal marijuana gummies and other dangerous drugs are currently expanding rapidly, mainly in Tokyo and on the Internet.

In August of this year, the authorities, taking a serious look at the situation, banned THCH (tetrahydrocannabishexol), a marijuana-derived ingredient used in many gummies, due to concerns about hallucinogenic effects, memory impairment, and other health risks.

However, a new ingredient has emerged: HHCH (hexahydrocannabishexol). It is a synthetic compound made to resemble a marijuana-derived ingredient, similar to THCH.

The environment in which it is readily available on social networking services and flea market applications such as “Mercari” is a factor that is accelerating its spread among young people. Since raw materials can be purchased online, cute girls are selling their own handmade goods as brands.

They are selling their original marijuana gummies, saying, ‘I made my original marijuana gummies, please buy them from my followers. There are even people who make a living from it, like influencers.

When one product is regulated, a loop hole is searched for and a new product with a different ingredient is introduced, and the game is repeated. Even if a drug is claimed to be legal, it should be strongly recognized that it is no different from extremely dangerous drugs that are damaging to health.

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