Kento Nakajima and Fuka Koshiba’s “Intense love scene next to the Olympic venue” was discovered! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kento Nakajima and Fuka Koshiba’s “Intense love scene next to the Olympic venue” was discovered!

Another "hot drama" that took place right next to the Olympic venue

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Nakajima and Koshiba gaze lovingly at each other. Scenes of them hugging and kissing were also shot. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

The Tokyo Olympics were in their final stages on August 6. On August 6, another “hot drama” was unfolding in Ariake (Koto-ku), where there are many competition venues. At the center of the film crew was Kento Nakajima (27) of “Sexy Zone” and actress Fuka Koshiba (24) in a bewitching red dress.

They were apparently filming for the popular TV drama “She Was Beautiful” (Fuji TV, Kantele).

The drama tells the story of a “disappointed girl” who falls in love with her handsome childhood friend (Osana-nimi) after meeting him again. It is based on a very popular Korean drama that became a social phenomenon. From the first episode to the fourth, the viewership rate was low at 4-5%, but in the fifth episode, the heroine played by Ms. Koshiba was transformed into a beautiful woman and became a hot topic. There was an “oddity in the schedule” here.

The sluggishness in the first half was to be expected. After the Olympics were broadcasted, the heroine underwent a major transformation, which became a hot topic on SNS and the Internet. The strategy was to make up for the slump in the first half and win back viewers through missed broadcasts. The current viewership is over 12%, and I think the viewership will increase even more in the future.

Let’s go back to the scene at the beginning. Let’s go back to the scene at the beginning of the film. It seems that the scene was about two people who have been at odds with each other realizing their feelings. Nakajima and Koshiba looked at each other, talked, hugged, and then kissed. Koshiba had a lovely smile on his face as he listened. Perhaps it was the lead actor himself who created a relaxed atmosphere so that the audience would not feel nervous about the kissing scene.

“Looking at the increase in viewer ratings, there is a very high possibility that this drama will be a ‘career-making’ work for Koshiba. Up until now, she has been active as a child actress, so she has not been able to shed her “girlie” image. This time, she played the heroine of her first full-fledged romantic drama, giving viewers the impression that she has become a “mature woman.

The fact that she was able to shoot an intense love scene while retaining her image as a pure actress was due in large part to Nakajima’s good performance. He plays the ‘prince’ character without any sarcasm, which reminds us of his usual idol activities, and makes the heroine stand out even more than before.

We can’t take our eyes off the two from now on!

The filming lasted for three hours in the intense heat, but it ended in a relaxed atmosphere with just the right amount of cooling off. We can’t wait to see what happens next!
The unpublished cut of “She Was Beautiful”: shots of Kento Nakajima and Fuka Koshiba’s intense love scene!
The unpublished cut of “She Was Beautiful” by Kento Nakajima and Fuka Koshiba.
The unpublished cut from “She Was Beautiful”! Kento Nakajima and Fuka Koshiba’s intense love scene was discovered!

From the September 3, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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