KAN speaks of his true feelings at the launch of his hit song “Love Wins” tour: “I want to go into ‘sexuality. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

KAN speaks of his true feelings at the launch of his hit song “Love Wins” tour: “I want to go into ‘sexuality.

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KAN at the live tour launch site (July 19, ’91 issue)

I would like to have one masterpiece, and I don’t deny that I am called “KAN of ‘Love Wins'”. However, to be called a synonym for “refreshing” wherever I go is not the best feeling, to be honest. I also think about H things.

Saying this, KAN struck his customary “banzai pose” for the camera.

KAN passed away on November 16, his office announced on his official website. He was 61 years old. In March of this year, she announced on her official website that she had Meckel’s diverticulum cancer and was undergoing medical treatment. He had been in and out of the hospital repeatedly, aiming for a comeback, but his wish was never fulfilled.

Speaking of KAN, he made his debut in 1987 with his first album “In the TV. In the fall of 1990, her single “Love Wins” became a big hit, selling over 2 million copies, when it was used as an insert song in “Kuni’s Yada Natteiru TV” (Fuji Television Network).

In May of the following year, they released their first new album since “Ai wa katsu win” became a hit, “I want to take a slow bath. Following the release of “Ai wa katsu win,” he embarked on a month-long nationwide tour. FRIDAY” interviewed KAN exclusively at the launch venue of the tour on the last day of the show. When asked, “How do you honestly feel about the success of ‘Love Wins’? KAN answered the question, “How do you honestly feel about the success of ‘Love Wins’?

He said that all the songs have a “virgin” kind of atmosphere at the age of 30. ……

The venue was an ordinary izakaya (Japanese-style pub). While all the members were dressed in casual styles, KAN was stylishly dressed in a jacket and bow tie. First, I asked him about the story behind the birth of “Love Wins,

I take a lot of time to write a song. For example, the phrase “Don’t worry about it,” comes to me while I’m driving down the highway. Then one day, more than a year later, on my way home from the barber’s, a melody comes to me that I think would be a good continuation of that song.

It is the result of the accumulation of my experiences and many other things. That song, too, took me two years to make.

However, he was not sitting on this hit. As he said at the beginning of his speech, he felt uncomfortable with the image of “KAN = freshness,” and he described this tour as a “campaign to clean up the image.

I don’t want to be a “wholesome, safe, and good-looking” person forever either. I would like to express myself a little more deeply in terms of “sex” as an issue for the future. If I only sing songs that have a “virgin” vibe when I turn 30, the songs I’ve written so far will lose their reality. But until I find a good way to incorporate that into my songs, I won’t write songs about it.

KAN made a stern face as he said this.

He said, “People tend to think of me as a one-hit wonder, but I have provided songs for many artists, including the theme song for the anime “YAWARA,” “Ame ni Kissu no Hanabutsuwa wo” (“A Bouquet of Kisses for the Rain”).” In 2002, she enrolled in the piano department at the Ecole Normale Conservatoire in Paris, France, in order to relearn the piano.

In ’13, He also wrote (with Kundo Koyama) and arranged the lyrics for Kumamonmon’s official image song, “Kumamonmon. He was still a much-needed talent in the Japanese pop world,” said a music magazine editor.

This year, Yukihiro Takahashi of “YMO,” Ryuichi Sakamoto, Shinji Tanimura, Atsushi Sakurai of “BUCK-TICK,” and HEATH of “X JAPAN” also passed away. It has been too sad a year for the music industry. …… May they rest in peace.

Mr. KAN singing enthusiastically at a live concert (July 19, ’91 issue)
Mr. KAN at the live tour launch site (July 19, 1991 issue)

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