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Fuji announcers who are taking a break one after another: “Have you misunderstood variety? Eruption! Complaints about the president

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Announcer Seika Inoue (right), who is on a long-term leave of absence, and Announcer Chihiro Sugihara (left), who showed off her cosplay.

On October 22, Nagisa Watanabe, 26, an announcer at Fuji Television Network, caused a stir among netizens when she updated her Instagram page for the first time in about three months. The contents of her first Instagram update in about three months caused a stir among netizens, along with a photo of Watanabe lying on a bed in what appeared to be a hospital,

She revealed her feelings, saying, “My precious things started to fall out of the palm of my hand.
I was so scared that I couldn’t do anything anymore.
I was afraid that I was becoming unable to do anything, and I was so frustrated and sad that all I could do was cry.

I’m afraid I can’t do anything anymore, and I’m so frustrated and sad that I just keep crying,” he wrote, as if he was venting his pain.

In recent years, each station has allowed announcers to use their own blogs and Instagrams, but of course the content and images are controlled by the announcements department. However, the company was unaware of Watanabe’s postings this time.

However, they could not have her deleted because she was in so much pain, so the co-host announcers of “Mezamashi TV” could only send her a message of encouragement during the program.

Before her hospitalization, Watanabe was in charge of “Mezamashi TV” (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays), “Pokapoka” (Thursdays), and irregularly “Widener Show” (Sundays on-air after Friday recording). Immediately after joining the company, she was selected as the fourth tour guide for “Moshi Moshi Tours,” and was quite successful among female announcers of her age.

She and her classmate Minami Sakuma (25) belonged to the Ikushima Planning Office when they were students, and received announcing instruction from the office’s celebrity Rieko Terada, who is also a Fuji TV OG.

Hiroshi Ikushima, the chairman of the board, was very happy to be able to send them to Fuji Television. He also said that he hoped they would sell their faces at Fuji for a few years and come back someday. ……

And on “Mezamashi TV,” for which Watanabe was in charge, the main announcer, Kiyoka Inoue (28), was on a long-term leave of absence from October 16 to 25. Eriko Komuro, 24, an analyst for “Mezamashi 8” also took a break from the program on October 12, and returned on October 23.

In ’14, Ayako Kato (38) fainted during a live broadcast of “Mezamashi TV. Although the camera did not catch it, it was a shocking incident, as the sound of her slamming and falling was broadcast on-air. In both cases, the announcers of the early morning programs were ill and absent for long periods of time. When asked about this by a reporter at the president’s press conference, Koichi Minato, 71, president of Fuji Television Network, Inc,

Koichi Minato, 71, president of Fuji Television Network, was asked about this by a reporter at the president’s press conference and replied, “Since the COVID-19 crisis, we have instructed our employees to take time off if they are even slightly ill.

However, some employees have expressed their dissatisfaction.

Some within the company are wondering if President Minato, who has been leading the variety show scene at the station during the “boom-and-bust” era and has been calling for the “restoration of variety,” can understand the mind and body of the female announcers who are in charge of the early morning information programs.

The heavy use of popular female TV announcers is inevitable in order to increase viewer ratings. They are also under silent pressure to push themselves even if it is hard for them. Criticism seems to be coming from the top as a result of the fact that the top management has been blind to this inconsistency.

In the midst of all this, the November 4 broadcast of “Celebrities Seriously Considered! Surprise GP” (Fuji Television Network) aired on November 4, a surprise for Chihiro Sugihara, 28, is causing controversy.

In the program’s regular project, “Weigh yourself in seconds: Announcement or ah~shiraki,” Sugihara, who was weighed without her knowledge, was forced to choose between announcing her weight or imitating a female comedian, ah~shiraki. As a result, Sugihara wore a shell bikini with the word “woman” written on it and a loincloth with the word “man” written on it over skin-colored full-body tights, in the “Ah Shiraki style! The “aaah shiraki style” was displayed on social networking sites.

Many people on SNS praised Sugihara’s professionalism, saying, “Sugihara’s professionalism is amazing! and “I’m totally sexually harassed,

“This is totally sexual harassment.

What in the world does Fuji Television want female TV announcers to do?

What in the world does Fuji Television want female TV announcers to do? The times and sensibilities are different from those of the ’80s and ’00s, when President Minato created variety shows, and the world is becoming more sensitive to compliance issues. Some people are even saying , “ If the president is allowing this to happen, he must have misunderstood variety.

Not limited to Fuji Television, popular announcers, male or female, are inundated with job offers from production sites. However, not all of them are fulfilled, depending on the head of the announcements department or the desk that arranges the shifts.

Even so, the field still seeks announcers who are wanted for programs in some way, in other words, announcers who can lead to viewership ratings, so work is inevitably “concentrated” on one or two announcers. However,

Fuji Television is also practicing “work style reform,” although not to the same extent as other companies, and I believe that it is gradually spreading. It’s just a matter of individual employees.

One employee said, “It’s just a matter of the individual. which has provided consulting services on work style reform to more than 2,000 companies, has endorsed the “100% Male Childcare Leave Declaration,” which aims to encourage male employees to take childcare leave, and it seems certain that the company is implementing reforms. However, …….

The “reforms in the way of working” have in fact made it harder to take on more work. In particular, announcers for early morning programs have to get up at 1:30 or 2 a.m., arrive at the station, do their makeup, have a meeting, and then …….

Once such a routine is broken, it is easy to feel isolated, as if you are the only one …… who is feeling isolated while everyone around you is taking a good rest, and your mind and body can easily fall apart at any moment.

It seems that not only Fuji Television but also other TV stations need to rethink what exactly “reform of the way of working” means.

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Seika Inoue, who has been in good health since her return from a long leave of absence
Chihiro Sugihara was asked in a variety show whether she would disclose her weight or cosplay as the comedian Aarushi Shiraki.
Image of the cosplay in question (from her Instagram @chihiro.sugihara)
Ayako Kato, an analyst at Fuji Television during her days at the Giants stadium (July 14, ’17 issue).
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