The “private arrest of a private citizen feels good to get brain juices flowing”…Annoying YouTuber Purgatory Koroaki “Paper Pants Assault” – Shivering True Face Photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “private arrest of a private citizen feels good to get brain juices flowing”…Annoying YouTuber Purgatory Koroaki “Paper Pants Assault” – Shivering True Face Photo

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Sugita, aka “Purgatory Koroaki,” arrested on suspicion of defamation

Kazuaki Sugita, 40, of Musashino City, Tokyo, was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Community Safety Special Investigation Unit on November 13 on suspicion of defamation of character. He is a man who had been active as an annoying YouTube star “Purgatory Koroaki.

In September of this year, Sugita took pictures of an 18-year-old woman, A, with his smartphone near the Imperial Theatre (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). He uploaded the video to YouTube without mosaic or other processing, allegedly damaging the woman’s reputation.

The suspect, Sugita, apparently made false accusations against Ms. A, saying things like, “You must be having a daddy’s life,” and then filmed her. In the video, he subtitled “reseller” and asked her questions such as “You are selling (tickets) for 80,000 yen, aren’t you? When the video was posted for unspecified viewers to watch, Ms. A consulted the police, saying, “Five to six men surrounded me and told me I was being filmed and told that I was doing daddy’s business,” and “My face was clearly shown in the video without any mosaic.

According to the police, there was no evidence that Ms. A was illegally reselling the tickets, and that she was just meeting up with a friend near the Imperial Theater. The suspect Sugita stated to investigators, ‘Hi, I understand,'” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

Prostitution interdiction” at Okubo Park

Sugita, a.k.a. “Purgatory Koroaki,” was a well-known and annoying You Tuber on the Internet.

He began his activities as “Purgatory Koroaki” about two or three years ago. He named himself after the character Purgatory Anjuro from the popular anime “Blade of Demons. In order to stand out, they were calling themselves “Anti-Vaccine” and “Eradicate Ticket Resale! and “Eradicate ticket resale! He also photographed men and women entering a hotel in Shinjuku’s Okubo Park in an effort to stop prostitution and assaulted the building of a troubled religious group in his paper underpants.

Recently, Sugita has been focusing on “world reformation” and “private arrests. He would catch people he believed to have molested or illegally resold his goods, make them apologize, and take them to a police station. Sugita wrote on his social networking site. Arresting a private individual is a great way to get brain juices flowing and make money by circulating videos,” he wrote on his SNS. However, he relies on information on the Internet, which is not well corroborated. In many cases, innocent people like Mr. A’s face was exposed, and he was criticized for “going too far.

The problematic YouTube account of “Purgatory Koroaki” was suspended on November 8. However, Sugita is not the only “private arrest-type” You Tubers. In order to gain views and advertising revenue, they are becoming more extreme, resorting to violence and other forms of violence.

The videos that are published become a ‘digital tattoo’ that cannot be easily erased,” he said. The faces of innocent people continue to be exposed under the guise of ‘private arrests. The police are stepping up their crackdown.

It is believed that Sugita has other crimes and collaborators.

A big Akubi in the convoy. Investigators are also in trouble. ……
Moving his head sluggishly
Even after being arrested, he is still in a sulky attitude.
No sign of remorse
Photo taken immediately after his arrest. He appears to be challenging (some of the photos have been doctored).
Uploaded a number of extreme videos under the title of “private arrest” (some photos have been doctored)
Staring ahead with a challenging look
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