Seibu’s Yamakawa Hotaka exercised FA with a big boo…… triggered by “Manager Matsui’s humanity” and “Honne to the baseball team”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Seibu’s Yamakawa Hotaka exercised FA with a big boo…… triggered by “Manager Matsui’s humanity” and “Honne to the baseball team”.

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Hotaka Yamakawa (31), who had been attracting attention as to whether or not he would exercise his domestic free agent rights (FA), submitted his application to Seibu on November 14, just in time for the deadline.

Just before 7:00 p.m. on the same day, the team’s public relations department sent out an e-mail to the media at once, containing a lengthy statement of Yamakawa’s determination, which he seemed to have considered with his agent’s side. (The following is in Japanese only)

Yamakawa is still sweating with young Seibu players for his return

[Joon] I would like to inform you all about the exercise of the FA rights I have acquired. I would like to conclude by saying that I have decided to declare FA. Through the series of events that have caused so much discomfort and distrust among you, I have considered not only baseball, but also everything related to it, on my own and with my family.

I thought not only about leaving baseball, but also about leaving society. But the one thing that remained in my mind was the answer that I wanted to play baseball and I wanted to be allowed to play baseball. It is a shameful thing to say as a professional baseball player, but this is the first time in my life that I have felt this strongly about baseball. If there is any chance that you can accept this will of mine, I also consider that continuing to stay with the Lions is a form of gratitude, a form of apology, and a form of sincerity to the fans and the baseball team.

At the same time, I thought it would be a reminder to myself to go beyond the understanding that FA declarations are a system that has been established as a player’s right, and to listen to voices that have never been heard before. I am well aware that my decision to remain or transfer after hearing the thoughts of teams other than the Seibu Lions regarding FA declarations may sound like a one-sided wish and self-centered intention of mine to move on to a new life in baseball. Nevertheless, I would appreciate it if you could understand, even if only a little, that by making this declaration I am, above all, prepared to continue to bear a heavy responsibility for my own future baseball life.

In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere apologies for the delay in communicating this message. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience and concern.

A certain baseball team alumnus is taking a hard look at Yamakawa’s statement this time.

It’s hard to say. Yamakawa did not speak in front of the media, but rather made a one-sided announcement in writing. It is no wonder that he is said to lack integrity, even though he was suspended indefinitely from the first and second team’s official games due to trouble with a woman.

However, it seems that Yamakawa has a point.

On November 13, the day before the deadline, Kazuo Matsui, 48, was questioned by the press as to whether Yamakawa would become an FA. He said, ‘I can’t talk about it because he hasn’t told me,’ as if he knew what was going on.

Matsui, who himself had tried out for Major League Baseball from Seibu, is said to have pushed Yamakawa, saying, ‘It’s your baseball life, so you should decide what you want to do.

Another factor in Yamakawa’s decision to exercise his FA rights is said to be his “distrust” of the team.

When the trouble with the woman came to light, the team did not properly confirm the facts with Yamakawa and made a comment that it was “truly regrettable. Yamakawa does not seem to be happy about this. “ I think he really feels that the team did not protect him, even though he had his own side of the story. Seibu offered him a new A single-year contract. And it seems that it was a down payment that was right on the edge of the limit.

During the Phoenix League in October, SoftBank, which is said to be in a good relationship with Yamakawa, sent a number of its organization staff and front-office personnel to a game to check on Yamakawa’s condition, surprising the other teams. Lions fans will be sorry if he hits home runs against Seibu next season as a Hawk Warrior. ……

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