I’m a genius ♡ Riri-chan, a “good girl” who exploited 10 million yen from men, “The true intention that her followers did not tell in the trial. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I’m a genius ♡ Riri-chan, a “good girl” who exploited 10 million yen from men, “The true intention that her followers did not tell in the trial.

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The trial of Mai Watanabe, 25, a.k.a. Riri-chan, the original “golden girl,” has been the focus of much attention.

It all started with the arrest of a college student in Nagoya City. The defendant, Misora Ieda, 21, a female college student in Chuo-ku, Nagoya, who purchased Watanabe’s manual, was arrested on suspicion of defrauding two men out of approximately 10 million yen. As a result, Watanabe, who sold the manual, was also arrested and charged with aiding and abetting fraud.

Riri-chan is deified among girls who engage in daddy’s activities, and some of them purchased the manual in order to connect with Riri-chan. Ieda was one of them. She created a Twitter account for the girls named “Rage-chan” and posted her daily correspondence with Jiba and her love for Riri,” said an acquaintance of Ieda.

On the “Riri-chan” account, she sometimes posted comments from people who had purchased the manual, including her interactions with Rage-chan.

The word “Leak” means “I.” Ieda sent messages of thanks to Watanabe via SNS.

There are two ways for young women to receive large sums of money from men: “papa-katsu” and “orare” (to receive money). The difference between the two was clearly expressed in “Rage-chan’s” post.

For the “P” (daddy’s partner), “P” is different. They are investing in my future, so they are paying for my future, not for love. They are capable people who know the value of my future.” On the other hand, he said , “The Jis are idiots who pay for love without any ability. They don ‘t have the ability, so they can’t even build assets.

Ieda said, “People who have assets of 10 million yen or more, or who can borrow money, will not fall for a girl who wants to be with a girl. On her social networking site, she also posted that she was trying to swindle a man who had just retired out of his job out of his retirement money.

He also spat at Jiba, the target of his “gratification,” saying, “I’m glad that the old man has started to give me money by closing my time deposit and raising my credit card’s cash advance limit.

The “rage-chan” account, which appears to be Ieda’s, posted the following statements for the two months immediately prior to his arrest. Ieda was arrested for swindling two men out of approximately 10 million yen, but there are likely to be more crimes to be committed.

Even just before his arrest, he was giving his girlfriend a monthly allowance, and in the past he had been married but divorced her after nine months, giving the impression that he had many financial troubles involving men. In the past, Ieda had also filed an alimony claim against her father and won alimony. Among the various methods available to her, the fact that she finds pleasure in receiving large sums of money from Jiba and his family may be due to their complicated family situation.

Furthermore, Ieda was also searching for Jiba on a marriage activity app. She was also attending college and studying for a certification. After becoming a “taregami,” she was happy to give advice to other “taregami. She became so immersed in the “Yuri Joshi” community, which allowed her to think of herself as a successful woman, that she lost touch with her friends around her.

Both defendants, Ieda, who became involved in her own desire for self-approval while destroying the lives of complete strangers, and Watanabe, who gave her a place as a criminal, are guilty of serious crimes.

Defendant Ieda posted on social networking sites that she was also spending money on stocks and investments.
It is apparent that he is aware that he is cheating her, but does not feel guilty about it
By making himself out to be a hard worker, Ieda received large sums of money from the men.
He praised Ieda and proudly gave advice to those who asked him for advice on how to “get it.

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