The “Kimpuri” concert revealed …… that the relationship with the “janitorial staff” may remain unchanged even if a new agency is established. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Kimpuri” concert revealed …… that the relationship with the “janitorial staff” may remain unchanged even if a new agency is established.

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We wish the two newly started members of Kimpuri the best of luck, but ……

King & Prince” (Kimpuri) has started its nationwide tour (24 concerts in 7 cities), and the fourth concert was held in Yokohama (October 20, 21, 22) last month, following Miyagi, Hokkaido, and Fukuoka.

The first nationwide tour by Kimpuri, whose three members left the group in May of this year to form a two-member group consisting of Ren Nagase (24) and Kaito Takahashi (24), was attended by a large number of fans, a scene not unlike concerts by other “Johnny’s groups” in the past.

Reporters from sports newspapers and TV stations, who were formerly in charge of Johnny’s, were also there to cover the event. Among them were female entertainment reporters, who were ridiculed as “Johnny’s hangers-on.

It is nothing special for sports newspaper reporters and entertainment reporters to go to idol celebrities’ live performances, but there was something more than a relationship between the “Johnny’s” reporters and the former Johnny’s office. It is a well-known story in the industry.

Of course, it was not limited to the former Johnny’s. There was a special relationship between entertainment journalists and the entertainment agencies. If an entertainment journalist and an entertainment agency get to know each other well, the agency will invite him or her and arrange a seat for the interview without having to apply for the interview. In the case of Johnny’s, when a talent has a live concert or event, the office will often call you individually.

The former vice president, who was a watchdog, liked to surround the talent with female reporters during interviews to create a glamorous atmosphere. When there were not enough regular reporters, he would even call people he did not normally call to make up the numbers. The name of the office has changed and the vice president has resigned, but I was surprised that this ‘custom’ remained.

If they were still doing that despite the controversy over the “NG reporters” and “preferential treatment for reporters” at the press conference, it would have left me speechless, but this time the situation was a little different. But this time the situation was a little different.

Sumo journalist Reiko Yokono, who was invited and went to the Kimpuri concert, said, “We were contacted by Universal Records, the organizer of the concert.

This time, we were contacted by Universal Records, the organizer of the concert. When I was at the former Johnny’s, the former vice president would send me tickets to every concert and ask me to cover the event.

Now that the vice president has left the office, I didn’t think I would be contacted in advance, but since I was invited in this way, I went because it was a new start for Kimpuri and I wanted to make sure I got a good look at the show.”

As she says, the new office has decided not to ask reporters and journalists in charge of Johnny’s for “invitations” to cover the event. However, Yokono, who in the past worked as an entertainment reporter, is now known to the public as a sumo journalist. He is not considered to have much to do with the former Johnny’s. ……

Indeed, he specializes in sumo now, but he has also worked on “Joho Presenter Tokutodane! (Fuji Television Network, broadcast until March 2009), I also covered the former Johnny’s. This is part of my coverage activities. This is part of my coverage activities.

Mr. Yokono explained so, but the entertainment desk analyzes the situation as follows: “The invitation list originally existed, but the record companies were not invited.

The record companies were given the invitation list that originally existed,” said Yokono. However, since the office is new and the structure has changed, many people are wondering who gave such an order.

With the new office and great reforms expected, I think it would be better to lose the old way of doing things. ……

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