About a year after her marriage to Go Ayano…Yui Sakuma “stands out even when shopping in sober fashion” Outstanding style photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

About a year after her marriage to Go Ayano…Yui Sakuma “stands out even when shopping in sober fashion” Outstanding style photo

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Yui Sakuma comes out of a supermarket. She may be plainly dressed, but there’s no hiding her style.

It was dusk in late October. A masked woman carrying a bulging shopping bag emerged from a supermarket in central Tokyo. She was actress Yui Sakuma (28).

Her legs are very long and she has a good style. She stood out in the store. But this is not a high-end supermarket, so I didn’t think she was a celebrity, but I recognized her because her eyes were the same as Aya’s in “Ranman. It seemed that she was buying a lot of canned drinks.

Sakuma married actor Go Ayano (41) on New Year’s Eve last year. On her official website, she expressed her joy at the marriage,

Every time I saw his straightforward approach to his work, I naturally grew to respect and want to support him, and this feeling took root and became a big tree.

In these times when it is difficult to see the future, I am truly happy to be able to walk with him, who is like a beacon to my heart.

She wrote, “I wonder if she took time out of her busy acting career to shop for groceries for her husband. ……

In the NHK TV series “Ranman,” she played the role of Aya, the sister of the main character Mantaro Makino, and in the first half of the series she was treated as the “W” hero, working hard for the sake brewery and Mantaro, which drew the sympathy of many viewers and her fan base grew rapidly.

She has been playing a lot of supporting roles in the past and has not been well known, but this success has catapulted her into the national spotlight,” said a TV magazine editor.

(TV magazine editor) He also appears in the movie “Yutori desuka nanika international,” which is currently in theaters, and his future activities are highly anticipated. Both publicly and privately, she definitely seems to be on a roll.

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He bought a supermarket bag full of foodstuffs.
In the past, there were days when he would buy a large amount of foodstuffs at the supermarket and head to Ayano’s house (’18 Nov. 16 issue)
Sakuma buying groceries while talking on the phone (November 16, ’18 issue)
At 172 cm, she has an outstanding style (’18 Nov. 16 issue)
Yui Sakuma boasts an outstanding style.
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