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G-DRAGON was charged with drug charges! BIGBANG”: The Fall from Glory to Downfall

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The five members of “BIGBANG” were seen together at the “2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards. From left to right: V.I, T.O.P, G-DRAGON, SOL, and D-LITE.

G-Dragon (35) of the K-pop group “BIGBANG” was questioned at a police station about drug allegations against him on August 6.

According to local media, G-Dragon was arrested for allegedly distributing drugs at a private members-only salon in Gangnam, Seoul, and is suspected of having taken drugs from the salon. I am going to have the investigative authorities work accurately and promptly to find out the truth. I hope that the investigative authorities will be able to accurately and promptly state their position on the results from now on,” he said.

The group’s agency, YG Entertainment (“YG”), is also under indictment by its former president and current general producer Yang Hyun-suk. It is alleged that Yang’s former representative attempted to obstruct the investigation by persuading and threatening the whistleblower of the alleged drug use of B.I., a member of “iKON,” a group belonging to the office at the time, in 19 years. A second trial is currently underway.

YG, which had made a huge success in Japan with “BIGBANG,” is now facing a crisis at the office. With so many successful K-pop groups coming to Japan one after another, BIGBANG has completely faded from the scene. It is unlikely that they will ever come to Japan as a group again.

BIGBANG” debuted in Korea in August 2006 and in Japan in June 2009. Their second single in Japan, “Rattle Rattle GO! became a hit, and the group appeared on “Music Station” (TV Asahi) and other music programs one after another. She won the Best New Artist Award at the 51st Japan Record Awards in the same year.

Since then, she has become a signature artist of her record company, Avex, and has been tied up in a series of TV dramas and commercials. Tickets for live performances became “platinum tickets,” which were difficult to obtain, and she also toured the world, becoming a top artist in Korea as well.

The members, who have also become solo artists, each have outstanding singing and dance performances. Their fashion also attracted attention, and their novelty and freshness were well received by Japanese fans. With the backing of major entertainment companies, they quickly became top stars in Japan.

In 2004, she became the first Korean artist to make the Forbes list of the 100 most profitable celebrities in the world (Celebrity 100). At the exchange rate of the dollar at the time, he earned approximately 4.4 billion yen, surpassing the 3.35 billion yen annual income of Maroon 5, the highest earning male group in the U.S. However, this was his peak period. However, this was his heyday, and signs of his “decline” had already begun to appear.

The members’ philandering was fatal: SOL (35) had his date with Korean actress Min Hyo-rin in Ginza, Tokyo, published on an Internet message board. G-Dragon dated Nana Komatsu, Masaki Suda’s wife, and Kiko Mizuhara, and V.I. (32), who is fluent in Japanese, was reportedly photographed in bed with a Japanese woman, revealing that he is playing around.

It is not only women’s problems. In February 2005, T.O.P. (36), the oldest member, became the first member of the group to enlist in the military, but that same year he was sentenced to 10 months in prison and two years of probation after a drug incident. In addition, a series of incidents and allegations of drug sales, sexual assault using date rape drugs, and sexual entertainment came to light following an assault in November 2006 at Burning Sun, a nightclub in a hotel in Seoul. The “Burning Sun Incident,” in which V.I. was deeply involved, developed into a major scandal that rocked the country, involving the entertainment and political and business worlds.” In March ’19, his agency announced the termination of V.I.’s exclusive contract, and he also withdrew from BIGBANG and retired from the entertainment industry.

Since 2005, “BIGBANG” had been in a state of inactivity due to the members’ military service. In April, they released their first new song “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (Still Life)” as a four-member group after V.I. left the group. The song quickly reached No. 1 on iTunes in 33 countries and regions and topped the U.S. Billboard charts.

However, the band seemed to have lost all the vigor of its heyday. Although they announced the resumption of their activities and released a new song, there has been no movement as a group since then. In June of this year, T.O.P. was asked by a fan on his Instagram, “Did you quit BIGBANG?” he replied, “I have already left,” announcing his departure from the group. The remaining members are now down to three, and then there is this G-Dragon incident…. It would have been better if the office had managed their private lives as well as BTS, which is now a global group, but the group has declined as a result of allowing them to do whatever they wanted.

The situation has become disappointing for Japanese fans….

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