Criticisms of TV Asahi’s “Verification Program” flooded in… The TV industry is already planning to “pay a visit to the new president”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Criticisms of TV Asahi’s “Verification Program” flooded in… The TV industry is already planning to “pay a visit to the new president”.

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Mr. Julie Fujishima, who promised to “cut off” all involvement with the new company, and Mr. Jun Fukuda, who is to become the new president (right, from Speedy’s website).

On November 12, TV Asahi aired a one-hour verification program on the sexual assault case at the former Johnny’s office (SMILE-UP.).

The program introduced five key findings of the investigation by the “Special Recurrence Prevention Team of Outside Experts” established by the former Johnny’s Office. One of them was determined to be the silence of the mass media.

The internal hearings at the bureau surveyed a total of 103 bureau employees and alumni who were on the frontlines of news reporting and production. Seven of them answered that there had been “discovery,” and Mr. Nishishin, the executive director of the station’s Contents and Programming Bureau, who appeared on the VTR, stated that “the former Johnny’s Office has been silent in recent years, and that the media has been silent.

The former Johnny’s Office has grown very large in recent years, with many popular stars and groups on its roster, so the executives in charge of programming and production often negotiated directly with them as a matter of company business, and this gradually fostered an atmosphere of discovery.

He went on to reveal that, “The TV stations, led by NHK, were all involved in the discovery process.

While NHK and other TV stations aired verification programs, this station was the latest to do so. While the station’s acknowledgement of the discovery is commendable, its lack of novelty and lack of specificity has been criticized by some.

For example, regarding the accusation by former ninja Yasunobu Shiga that he was sexually abused by the late Janie Kitagawa in the bathroom of TV Asahi’s former building, the station cited the fact that the old building had already been destroyed and that Janie had passed away, as in the past.

“It is difficult to confirm the facts.

The company’s stance remained unchanged, citing the fact that the old building had already been destroyed and that Mr. Janney had passed away. No mention was made of the “Music Station. According to a source within the station

According to a source within the station, “For TV people, the casting of a program is top secret. It is impossible to publicly acknowledge the discovery by naming the program.

The “Johnny’s” music station, which performs 180 shows a year, was not even mentioned.

Not only that,” said the aforementioned Mr. Nishi.

Mr. Nishi said, “I have heard that a new agent company has been selected this month and will start operations with its organization and other details in place. We hope to build a mutually fair and transparent business relationship based on our past reflections.

He mentioned the business relationship before SMILE’s compensation work had even started.

The Bureau plans to open the “Tokyo Dream Park” complex in Ariake, Tokyo, in the spring of 2014. It is a well-known fact that the centerpiece of the complex will be the “Johnny’s Theater,” which will hold 180 performances a year. It is against this backdrop that TV Asahi has tempered its criticism in its verification program.

TV Asahi is ‘in love with the old Johnny’s,’ no matter what anyone says,” he said. The Tokyo Dream Park is an “important” project. The former Johnny’s is now being beaten up, but they have not lost their fans.

I am convinced that the situation will be different in 2014. TV Asahi’s upper management is aware that ‘now is the time to be patient.

This is not limited to TV Asahi.

NHK and other commercial broadcasters also have the same stance. Out of consideration for their clients, they have no choice but to criticize the issue of sexual assault uniformly, but in the TV industry

The old Johnny’s will not end as it is.

The evidence for this is the soon-to-be-launched

As evidence of this, when Jun Fukuda of the entertainment agency Speedy was confirmed as the new president of the soon-to-be-launched agent company, everyone was planning to “pay a visit to Fukuda.

Since Mr. Fukuda is not in the “mainstream” of the entertainment industry, they did not have his contact information, and they hurriedly called the entertainment press to ask for his number, what kind of people he likes, and where he usually eats. Where do you usually eat? Where do you usually eat? The stations must be thinking that Fukuda’s appointment will turn the tide,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Dramas in which former Johnny’s celebrities will appear are set for next year and beyond. TV Asahi, for example, despite some controversy, has “unofficially” confirmed a drama starring Takuya Kimura for its April-cool season.

Although each station may have its own verified programs, it seems that they are all essentially “in the same boat”.

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