Noriyuki Higashiyama, president of Johnny’s, is being questioned about his ability to manage the new Johnny’s company after the death of a member of the “Party’s Association. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Noriyuki Higashiyama, president of Johnny’s, is being questioned about his ability to manage the new Johnny’s company after the death of a member of the “Party’s Association.

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What does Noriyuki Higashiyama think about the death of one of the victims? ……

The thing I feared the most has happened–.

A 40-something member of the “Johnny’s Sexual Assault Problem Party” has been found dead.

According to investigators, he was found collapsed in a mountain in Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture, in mid-October and was later confirmed dead. It is believed to be a suicide. There was a note nearby that appeared to be a suicide note, and the police have concluded that there is no case.

Finally, there was a victim. The former talent who accused the late Janie Kitagawa of sexual assault was told to “stop lying.

“Don’t lie.
You’re just in it for the money.
You’re the one who ruined Johnny’s. You ruined Johnny’s business.

In response, a representative of the association of those involved in the case, Heirakawa, has been working on a plan to have the former talent’s name removed from the list of those involved.

In response, Junya Hiramoto, the representative of the association, filed a criminal complaint with the Kanagawa Prefectural Police in October. The members of the group, including Kenshi Nihonki and Kyohei Iida, a former member of “Kis-My-Ft2,” also filed damage reports with the police.

The slanderous remarks did not stop. If you receive more than 100 letters of unspeakable abuse every day, anyone would go crazy. Some sites on the Internet exposed the personal information of the members of the association. Many of the members felt that they were in danger.

Following the death of the members, former Jr. member Cowan Okamoto posted the following message on X (formerly Twitter)

Please everyone, be careful and speak with love, and may he rest in peace.

He posted on his Twitter account. In May, Mr. Okamoto posted

I am now most afraid that someone will take their life, including mine, because of this. I don’t want to lie to myself anymore and I don’t want to hate anyone. Gratitude will not disappear.

Please give priority to the emotional care of the victims and the talents and human beings who still belong to Johnny’s office. To do so, I need to give each and every one of you a better place in my heart.

This is the realization of his fears.

Mr. Yasushi Hashida, a former Jr. also in X

I feel on my own that there are fewer slanders against me now. If this is the case with me? I think that the slander against other people is immeasurable. I know you have a lot of thoughts and feelings, but I really beg you. I know you have a lot on your mind, but I really beg you to do this.

He warned, “No one will be able to move forward. The former Kiss My Iida also said

I know it must have been very painful for you. I pray from the bottom of my heart that he will rest in peace.

I pray for your soulful rest in peace.

The identities of those who continue to use the Internet as a cover for their slander are diverse.

Some of them may be passionate fans who resent Johnny’s because of the disappearance of the Johnny’s office due to the series of disturbances, but according to a person familiar with Internet literacy, “Looking at the past slanderous incidents, there are no fans at all.

However, according to a person familiar with Internet literacy, “In the past, many of the slanderous incidents were written by people who were not fans and had nothing to do with the issue at all, just to clear their names.

He said, “In recent years, anti-vilification measures have been taken mainly against celebrities.

In recent years, countermeasures against defamation have been taken mainly against celebrities, but there is a limit to how much an individual can do. In this case, although the association was involved, “SMILE-UP. (the former Johnny’s office),” which provides compensation services, should have taken proactive action.

It was obvious that even if the association of the parties had appealed, ‘Stop slander and libel,’ it would have had little effect. At the press conferences held in September and October, President Noriyuki Higashiyama called on the victims to stop slanderous remarks, but we have not heard that he has taken measures together with the association or established a committee.

There is also a psychological care center for victims of sexual abuse, but it is passive, and SMILE does not make any efforts to encourage them. The death of a member of the association cannot be a matter of someone else’s concern,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

The former Johnny’s’s office is expected to invite Mr. Jun Fukuda of the entertainment consulting company “Speedy” from the outside this month to launch a new company to handle the agent business. The “victim” was found in the midst of this process, and the planned schedule had no choice but to be pushed back.

As expected, they will not be able to say, ‘We have launched a new company’ at this point in time,” a person involved in a wide-ranging news show pointed out.

(A wide-show insider). What will President Higashiyama do? His skill will be put to the test.

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