Minami Tanaka, dressed modestly in a cute yakiniku dinner in Akasaka with staff and veteran actors. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Minami Tanaka, dressed modestly in a cute yakiniku dinner in Akasaka with staff and veteran actors.

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Minami enjoyed a three-hour yakiniku dinner. After leaving the restaurant, she drove home, being treated politely so as not to get wet in the rain.

I want to be a woman who looks good even when I wear nice jewelry.

On September 12, Minami Tanaka (36) appeared at an event at Tiffany & Co. Omotesando wearing fine jewelry and an open-breasted dress, but on an evening in early October, she was seen in a surprisingly modest fashion.

Minami Tanaka was seen wearing a collared shirt and beige dress with a beige shirt and a beige shirt. She was dressed in a collared shirt and a beige cardigan, not very conspicuous. She was in a good mood talking with a man next to her.

Speaking of Minami, she was reportedly romantically involved with an investor with assets of 7 billion yen in September, but she denied all the allegations. In her private life, Minami wears plain clothes and seems to be on guard.

She is the type who, when she has a girlfriend, gives it her all, so it’s difficult for her to balance her work and her private life,” said Shinichi Hatori (52). However, she wants to concentrate on her acting career, as evidenced by the fact that she moved from the agency of Shinichi Hatori (52) and others to “Fram,” to which Kasumi Arimura Arimura (30) and others belong.

However, the starring film released in ’21 was not a hot topic, and there has yet to be anything that can be called a masterpiece. She has been careful not to get a strange character during her career change, and now that the image of her breakup with Shingo Fujimori (40) of “Oriental Radio” is finally fading, she is unlikely to come up with any interesting stories.

The “cute and pretty” beauty queen is more strategic than one might think.

Minami Tanaka, dressed modestly for a “mock cute” yakiniku dinner.
  • PHOTO Shu Nishihara

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