22-Year-Old Man Arrested for Assaulting a Fourth-Grade Girl in a Private Home | FRIDAY DIGITAL

22-Year-Old Man Arrested for Assaulting a Fourth-Grade Girl in a Private Home

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The crime took place during the day.

A girl was walking alone in a residential area in the evening. A man walking in front of her passed her and hit her.

“Do you know who you’re bumping into?”

The man accused the girl. The frightened girl was taken into the premises of a nearby house, and the man proceeded to commit the crime.


On November 12, Kanagawa Prefectural Investigation Division and Tsurumi Police arrested Yuki Sasanuma, 22, of Totsuka-ku, Yokohama, on suspicion of indecent assault. He is alleged to have indecently assaulted a fourth-grade elementary school girl in Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama City, at around 4:00 p.m. on July 4 this year. The suspect admitted the crime to investigators.

“The girl was on her way to school. At the time of the incident, Sasanuma was working on a remodeling job when he visited the site and found the girl. The parents consulted the police, saying that their daughter had been approached by a man they didn’t know and taken into an alley.”

The daughter was approached by an unknown man and taken into an alley

This is not the first time Sasanuma has been arrested; on October 12, he was also arrested and charged with attempted indecent assault.


“The victim of the first arrest was also an elementary school girl. On July 24 this year, around 1:00 p.m., he approached a fifth-grade elementary school girl who was on her way home alone from an outing. He allegedly took the girl into the parking lot of a nearby private residence, where no one was around, and attempted to commit an indecent act.”

“When a man happened to pass by and warned the suspect, he ran away from the parking lot. In the evening of the same day, the girl’s mother reported that her daughter had been accosted by an unknown man. The security camera footage brought Sasanuma’s crime to light.”

Sasanuma, who had denied committing the crime in the first incident, was arrested a second time and confessed to the crime.

Suspect Sasanuma has been re-arrested (photo has been doctored).
He is being investigated for other crimes (some photos have been edited).
The case was discovered after a report from the victim’s parents who became suspicious (photo partially edited).
The suspect admitted to the crime when re-arrested (photo has been edited)
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