Issei Nishikori of “Shonen-tai” opens up on sexual assault: ……The departure of “he who is the most talented and manly” was a blow to the younger generation | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Issei Nishikori of “Shonen-tai” opens up on sexual assault: ……The departure of “he who is the most talented and manly” was a blow to the younger generation

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Backstage at the “Again” musical. The production attracted a total of 100,000 spectators at three venues in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka (August ’89).

(the former Johnny’s office) has been holding frequent hearings of the “Victims Relief Committee,” and it is said that concrete relief will finally begin this month.

In the midst of all this, Issei Nishikori (58) of “Shonen-tai,” whom the late Janie Kitagawa described as “my masterpiece,” took the stage on October 31 for the pre-general greeting for the stage play “Kamata Koshinkyoku Sesshin Hen, Gin-chan ga Gitaiku. He spoke for the first time about the issue of sexual assault by Johnny’s. He said, “If you could forgive me, I would have given it to you.

He said, “If I am allowed to do so, I would like to carry on the good things that were given to me. This is the only thing I can do. But I know it will take time for people to understand.”

This comment was met with praise from Janis fans, many of whom, including Noriyuki Higashiyama (57), who condemned Janney’s sexual assault as “the work of a devil,” at the first press conference, used harsh words to condemn the incident. Also, Koichi Domoto (44) of “KinKi Kids,” who is taking over the stage written and directed by Janney, said at his own press conference before the public performance of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,

He said, “There are some things that are different from what I know about him (Mr. Janney).

I’m still in a state of confusion and conflict.

“To be honest, there is a part of me that doesn’t want to believe what he (Mr. Janney) is up to behind the scenes.

I don’t want to believe his (Mr. Janney’s) back face. Some say Nishikori’s comments are only possible because he is a quitting Janney, but many longtime fans agree with him.

Shonen-tai, a trio consisting of Higashiyama, Nishikori, and Katsuhide Uekusa (57), made their debut in December 1985 with “Masked Ball. But even before that, they had appeared on “Night Hit Studio” (Fuji TV) and won a “Gold Award” at the “Hawaii Music Festival. The year before her debut, she held her first solo concert at the Postal Savings Hall. The year before her debut, she held her first solo concert at the Postal Savings Hall, performing five times a day, an unprecedented feat at the time.

The year before her debut, she held her first solo concert at the Postal Savings Hall, an unprecedented feat at the time, performing five times a day. In fact, at the time of their record debut in Japan, it was announced that they would debut in the U.S., and they had some songs in mind, but they became too busy with their activities in Japan and the project was abandoned.

Nevertheless, Shonen-tai’s appearances on foreign TV programs and on stage were shown in A.B.C-Z’s crowning stage performance, “Johnny’s Legend. Their activities, including “PLAYZONE” at the Aoyama Theatre, which continued until 2008, were all spectacular and could be called “Mr. Johnny’s masterpiece.

The following year, Nishikori directed “PLAYZONE 2009: Letters from the Sun,” starring the members of “Kis-My-Ft2” before their debut.

He later directed several stage productions for his juniors, and was affectionately known as “Nikki-san.” Although we don’t hear many stories of junior members, including Jr. members, who admired Higashiyama, Nishikori was also respected as an entertainer.

Even today, many of his juniors name him as the best dancer of all the talents of the past. When Mr. Nishikori left Johnny’s, there was quite a bit of surprise and disappointment,” said an editor of an idol magazine.

In fact, there is an episode in which he is famous among his fans as a manly man.

Standing on the stage of “Four Leaves” and offering flowers at the funeral of Koji Kita: ……

Although it is rarely reported, when the Four Leaves reunited and held a concert at Nakano Sun-plaza in 2002, Mr. Nishikori was the only one who made it to the venue. Toshio Egi was so pleased that he revealed this on stage, called Nishikori over, and greeted him through the microphone.

I am the person I am today because of Forleaves,” he said.

He said, “I am what I am today because of Forleaves. At the time, the office did not look favorably on the Four Leaves stage, as Mr. Kita Koji, who had accused Mr. Janney, was a member of the group. Even so, they had no hesitation in allowing him to go on stage.

Mr. Kita passed away in 2012, and Nishikori even offered flowers at his funeral.

The Johnny’s office, of course, did not go through with it. Especially, Kita had said until the day before he passed away that he wanted to meet and apologize to Janie and Mary, but there were no flowers offered by the office at the farewell ceremony. There, too, Mr. Nishikori put out flowers under his own name. I was impressed by his manly spirit.

If Nishikori’s skills as a TV personality are outstanding, he also has heart. This summer, Nishikori formed a dance unit with Papaya Suzuki, a former high school friend, and went on tour.

“At that time, Nishikori, who was being interviewed by several companies, opened his speech by saying, ‘What is it? Are we talking about a ‘third-party committee’ today? He did not touch on the issue of Mr. Janey’s sexual assault himself. He was not working alone, but with Mr. Papaya, so he probably refrained from making any comments.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Later, Nishikori made his first mention at the timing when Higashiyama, who had been a member of the group, stepped down as president of the new company where an agent system would be introduced after seeing many reports.

He said, “I think he made up his mind. I think he was driven.

Nishikori was very considerate of Higashiyama. In fact, Nishikori said that even after he left the company, he had always been concerned about the younger members. The former Johnny’s’s office is still in the midst of the exodus of Okada Junichi, Ninomiya Kazunari, and Ikuta Toma, but it was probably Nishikori Issei who the office and the younger members most wanted to see stay on. His future statements will be closely watched.

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Shonen Corps” invited to the Grammy Awards ceremony, a world-famous music festival held in Los Angeles in 1986.
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