“We’ve been waiting for you!” Why TV stations are “welcoming” the launch of a “special compensation website” by the former Johnny’s. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“We’ve been waiting for you!” Why TV stations are “welcoming” the launch of a “special compensation website” by the former Johnny’s.

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Noriyuki Higashiyama declined to become president of the new company. Johnny’s management, including Yoshihiko Inohara, changed two or three ……

SMILE-UP.”, which changed its name from the former Johnny’s’s office, launched a special website on November 8 regarding compensation for victims.

The company apologized again for the sexual assault by the late founder, Mr. Janie Kitagawa, and stated that “From now on, this website will not be able to provide compensation for victims.

We will keep you updated on the status of compensation for victims on this site. We will do our utmost to provide prompt and appropriate relief to those who have suffered harm.

The site also states, “We are committed to providing prompt and appropriate relief to those who have suffered damage.

The website includes a “psychological care consultation desk” supervised by outside experts and a “Victims’ Relief Committee Compensation Desk” that handles financial compensation.

The site also includes the following statement: “We will not refuse to pay the amount of compensation assessed by the Victims’ Relief Committee because of the timing of the damage or the affiliation of the person who made the damage report.

The statement “We will not refuse compensation on the basis of the time of affiliation of the person who reported the damage or the time of the damage” is attached. An entertainment reporter for a sports newspaper adds, “Some of the victims are members of the Japan Foundation, and some of them are members of the Japan Foundation.

Some of the victims were sexually assaulted by Mr. Johnny’s when they were in lessons before they joined Johnny’s. Some of them were victims of Mr. Johnny’s on the day they met him. Some of them claim that they were victimized on the day they met Mr. Janney. This is a statement of their willingness to listen to those voices as well.”

It is not the parties involved but the …… TV stations that have been waiting for this move.

The public’s harsh scrutiny of Janney’s sexual assaults has also focused on the media, which has turned a “blind eye” to his misdeeds.

In response, TV stations conducted interviews with staff members who knew about the incident and aired verification programs based on the interviews. As for Mr. Janney’s sexual assaults, they were generally unanimous in their criticism.

“It is absolutely unforgivable.

The most adamant of all was the public’s view that Mr. Janney’s sexual assault was “absolutely unforgivable.

NHK, which collects subscription fees from the public, was particularly adamant, stating at its regular press conferences in September and October that it would “not compensate the victims or prevent the recurrence of such crimes.

Inaba stated, “We will not appoint new SMILE talent until we have confirmed that compensation for the victims and efforts to prevent a recurrence are being steadily implemented.

He also stated that he would not appoint any new SMILE talents until “compensation for the victims and efforts to prevent recurrence are confirmed. The company also announced that it would follow this policy for the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Singing Contest), which is held at the end of the year.

In reality, however, they were waiting impatiently for the progress of SMILE’s compensation business. A source at the TV station said.

A TV station official said, “The stations have decided that the “hole” left by Johnny’s is too big after all. In recent years, the number of views on TVer has become a bigger indicator than viewer ratings, and Johnny’s talent is unmatched in this area.

Fans will watch the show over and over again. They spread their thoughts on social networking sites. No one else but Johnny’s has this kind of phenomenon. Therefore, it is good that SMILE is accumulating compensation. It makes it easier to use.

The “front” and the “honest intention”….

TV stations are

“We’ve been waiting for this!

and they are taking up the story,

“We are working properly.

The TV stations are waiting for SMILE’s compensation and want to pick up on it to create an atmosphere of “they are working properly.

The drama series for next year has already been decided before the sexual assault issue. To be honest, it would be tough to have the drama series overturned from this point.

In addition, the way the media interacts with the former Johnny’s office has changed. The arrogance and irreverence of the managers and staff will probably go away in the future.

The managers and staff will no longer be so arrogant and insolent. Everyone was very attentive to dramas starring Johnny’s, and all of Johnny’s requests were granted.

The production side will be greatly affected by this change. I can’t wait to see how the chief manager of a certain group, who seemed to be a big deal, will behave on the set this time. I can’t help but look forward to seeing that.

(A source in the entertainment industry) “There will probably be a review of fees, especially for commercials. In other words, there is even a possibility that the old Johnny’s talents will become more “affordable” than before.

If this is the case, television’s dependence on Johnny’s is unlikely to disappear.

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