Chiharu Mori, the “drunken hugging” scandal, “returns to work, but her office has miscalculated greatly,” whispered “internal leak theory,” and future concerns | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Chiharu Mori, the “drunken hugging” scandal, “returns to work, but her office has miscalculated greatly,” whispered “internal leak theory,” and future concerns

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Caster Chiharu Mori, who was Police Chief for a Day at the Himonya Police Station of the Metropolitan Police Department in October ’22.

On October 27, “NEWS POST SEVEN” reported a video of a drunken young man and woman embracing while rolling on the street, causing shock among those involved.

The “man and woman” are Kazuma Sasaki, 25, a TV Asahi announcer, and Chiharu Mori, 24, a St. Force newscaster! Morning” (TV Asahi).

Good! Morning” was hosted by Erina Arai, Mori’s senior at her office, from April 2008 to June 30 of this year. She was well received by viewers and led to a rise in ratings.

Mori, on the other hand, is a native daughter of Futaba Gakuen and a graduate of Keio University. She is said to be “the most orthodox member of St. Force in a long time. TV Asahi, as well as the agency, had been pushing for her to follow in the footsteps of Aika Kanda, Hiromi Kawada, and Reina Sumi, but it seems as though she has been completely misjudged.

Mori returned to the program on November 6, but some of the corners she had been in charge of had been replaced by female announcers from the same station. Although she did not touch on the controversy in the program, she did mention it on her social networking service,

I will work on this again with all my heart and soul!

on his social networking service. That night, he also appeared as a respondent on “Q-sama‼” (TV Asahi).

Some said there was no need to suspend him in the first place. He had not caused any incidents, and he could not cause trouble for the “Q-sama ministry,” which has many major production companies involved. I heard that TV Asahi’s upper management decided to bring him back to the program as soon as possible.

On the other hand, “Isn’t it too soon to come back? (A person related to a production company) “On the other hand,” said a person related to an entertainment agency, “she is coming back too soon.

The relationship between the two groups is so close that the “aces” of St. Force, such as Marie Kai, Rie Ito, Ran Watanabe, and Mai Yamagishi, used to appear on TV Asahi’s early morning programs. This is probably the reason for the early return. Even if they were to return to work, they should have made a clear explanation in the program.

Another commenter said, “Did the leaked images really come from an inside source?

The talk of the station right now is who provided the media with the videos that were taken. We are told that it is probably someone from the program. The reason for this is that even though they are the performers of an early morning weekday program, it is believed that not many people can still recognize the full names of the two by looking at their faces.

The two had gone too far at a family drinking party, but there were those who tolerated it and those who felt that it was not right.

The original lineup of “St. Force” was the “innocent young lady” represented by Mao Kobayashi, but in recent years, married women and mothers in their 30s and 40s who shine on variety shows, such as Reina Sumi, Hiromi Kawada, and Aika Kanda, have become a hot commodity.

Nevertheless, the “drunken hug” fiasco was a major miscalculation for St. Force, which had hoped to nurture a “neat and tidy” type like Mori.

The “lady-like” character is no longer acceptable. The only way to regain their credibility is to develop their skills. Until then, she will have to rely on Aika Kanda, a popular girl at the office, to pull her through.

(A source at the office) With such comments being heard, it will be interesting to see whether Mori will be able to overcome this failure and produce results from here on out.

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