Dropping an atomic bomb on Gaza is “an option”…Israeli cabinet member horrified by the “Hamas extermination plan” worst-case scenario. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Dropping an atomic bomb on Gaza is “an option”…Israeli cabinet member horrified by the “Hamas extermination plan” worst-case scenario.

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Flames and smoke rise from Gaza town after Israeli attack

Is it possible to drop an atomic bomb on Gaza and annihilate them?

That is an option.

These were the words of Israel’s Heritage Minister Eliyahu Bin Laden, who appeared on the local radio station “Kol Barama” on November 5, in response to a reporter’s question that shook the world. More than a month after Israel and the Islamic Hamas group began fighting on October 7, the situation has become “worst-case scenario. The situation is now turning “worst-case scenario.

The Israeli military has been conducting heavy air and ground attacks daily on the Gaza Strip in Palestine, which is effectively controlled by Hamas. The death toll in Gaza is more than 10,000.’ That’s far more than the approximately 4,000 people who have died in repeated clashes since 2008.

‘Hamas suddenly crossed the border and attacked Israel on October 7. More than 1,400 people were killed in the territory and about 200 were taken hostage, a first for Israel. Israel was angered by the Hamas surprise attack.

Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected the U.S. proposal to “suspend fighting for humanitarian purposes,” declaring on November 3: “We will not stop fighting until we have defeated Hamas. We will fight until we defeat Hamas. He reiterated his stance to attack Gaza thoroughly in order to destroy Hamas,” said a reporter stationed in the Middle East for a national newspaper.

Command Center in a Hospital

The difference in military power between Israel, which has the latest weapons backed by the United States, and Hamas is overwhelming. However, it is not easy to destroy Gaza.

Hamas is building a mesh of tunnels under Gaza. The tunnels are 50 meters deep, and the walls are made of thick concrete. In addition to living quarters for soldiers, there are medical facilities and even a weapons manufacturing plant. Food and fuel are said to be stored for several months.

The use of ground penetrating bombs is effective, but the situation is not simple. This is because many of the hostages are believed to be held in underground tunnels. Israel claims that ‘the Hamas command center is inside the hospital. It is Gaza’s largest medical facility, the Shifa Hospital, where many wounded civilians are being held. Israel believes that the Hamas command center is located in the basement of the hospital, but an attack on the hospital would result in the deaths of many civilians and would inevitably provoke a furious outcry from international opinion.

Israel has not been able to develop as it would like, despite the difference in strength between the two countries. At home, Israel is being pushed by hard-liners, and the “dropping the atomic bomb is an option” remark introduced at the beginning of this article can be seen as a sign of impatience on the part of the upper echelons of the government.

The Eliyahu Heritage Minister, who made the comment, said, “Israel, by its very nature, does not recognize the possession of nuclear weapons. Heritage Minister Eliyahu, who made the comment, immediately afterward explained on social networking sites that his comment about the atomic bomb was a metaphor. However, since Prime Minister Netanyahu himself has declared the destruction of Hamas, there is a danger that the attacks will intensify. If the Israeli army is forced to fight an uphill battle against Hamas guerrillas in underground tunnels, the worst-case scenario of the use of nuclear weapons becomes a reality.

Israel and Hamas are not showing any signs of backing down. The situation is becoming more serious by the day.

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