You little shit! …A woman was stabbed with a cutter in Kabukicho! Shocking photos of the scene of the “Host Stabbing Incident | FRIDAY DIGITAL

You little shit! …A woman was stabbed with a cutter in Kabukicho! Shocking photos of the scene of the “Host Stabbing Incident

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Only one woman cared for a man who was stabbed

At around 1:30 a.m. on November 5, a man in his 20s working at a hostess store was slashed by a woman with a knife in Kabukicho, Shinjuku.

The man was stabbed in the neck with a cutter knife, but his life was not in danger. The person who stabbed him was a woman in her 20s. Police caught the woman red-handed on suspicion of attempted murder.

The scene of the incident took place at 1:30 a.m. on Hanamichi-dori, one of the busiest streets in Kabukicho. It was 1:30 a.m. on a weekend street in Kabukicho, where restaurants, cabarets, and host clubs are closed and many people are crowded even though it was late at night.

We obtained testimony from a man who works as a catch in Kabukicho about the whole crime scene.

At first, I thought it was just a lover’s quarrel. It was like a woman was screaming and hitting the man’s (the host) chest. Next, the woman hit him with a bag she was carrying. Someone nearby intervened, but the woman, the assailant, seemed to be in over her head and was shouting and assaulting the man who had fallen down. She then took out a cutter and slashed the man.”

According to the man who caught the man, no one around him was concerned because male-female fights are common in Kabukicho.

The woman continued to assault the man as she pulled on his hair as he fell, but the male victim still kept the phone in his hand and was talking on it until the moment he was stabbed.

The police arrived about 20 minutes after the man was stabbed. It was around 2:00 a.m. I was nearby. I was nearby myself, but I honestly didn’t think [the male victim] was this injured. Even my acquaintance in Catch said, ‘Isn’t he just bleeding?’ I thought. It was only when the police arrived that I realized the gravity of the situation.”

Even after the police arrived at the scene, the female assailant kept saying to the bloody victim, “Die, you little shit! The scene was truly bizarre.

The situation was so bizarre that no one around the victim lent a helping hand.

I think many people in Kabukicho after the last train don’t want to get involved in these troublesome situations. If you help them, including me, you will be interviewed by the police, so they don’t want to go near any suspicious people who are doing illegal business. Drug dealers and active gangsters were also in the crowd at the scene. No one would willingly get involved in a case at that scene.”

Host clubs in Kabukicho have hours of operation until 1 a.m., known as one-part business hours. The incident occurred at the end of the host club’s business hours, when the catchers go around the club to start collecting money for the customers they have placed.

After the last train, Kabukicho is a lively place for backstage operators. Therefore, no one would go out of their way to get involved in the incident.

According to various reports, the man and woman involved in the case met on a live-streaming application specializing in good-looking men called “toU,” started dating, and were living together. A woman in her twenties who plays with hosts says of these live-streaming hosts, “They are in the business of selling their ‘face.

She said, “There are a lot of hosts who do it because it is a business to sell their ‘face’. Some people watch the live-streaming and say, ’00-kun, you’re cool,’ and become the host in charge (a term used by female customers to call a host), and it’s part of their advertising.

This application is often used by unsuccessful hosts for advertising purposes and to sell themselves.

In hosting, sales are justice. Since money is more important than anything else in the job, they are live-streaming as part of their efforts to sell.

But in reality, the kind of host who is live-streaming will never sell, and only such a host has a finished personality. They only think about how to extract money from us (women), trying to make money out of everything. You should make an effort to entertain the women in front of you.”

Hosts are sometimes said to be in the business of showing dreams, but the other side of the story is a world of men who are desperate to dig for a vein of gold.

In the nightlife business, where colorful salesmanship is commonplace, relationships between men and women have gone too far, resulting in incidents like this one.

It may not be long before the government imposes major restrictions in response to one host-related incident after another.

Scene after the man was stabbed
The man appears to be bleeding from the mouth
The number of onlookers did not decrease after the police officers arrived

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