BIGBANG” and famous actors… “200,000 Entrance Fee for Luxury Clubs,” a suspected hotbed of the drug epidemic in the Korean entertainment industry, and shiver-inducing services. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

BIGBANG” and famous actors… “200,000 Entrance Fee for Luxury Clubs,” a suspected hotbed of the drug epidemic in the Korean entertainment industry, and shiver-inducing services.

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G-DRAGON pointed a finger at the press at an event in January 2011.

The man wearing a black suit and glasses was immediately surrounded by the press and bombarded with questions.

It’s no wonder. On November 6, G-Dragon (35, real name Kwon Ji-young), the leader of Korea’s top male artist group “BIGBANG,” was suspected of using illegal drugs and turned himself in for questioning at a police station in Incheon, northwest Korea.

When asked by the press whether he would admit to drug use, G-Dragon replied, “I have committed no crime, and I came to the police station to prove my innocence. To his fans, he also said, ‘Don’t worry too much. However, when asked if he had been going to exclusive clubs in Gangnam, he replied, “Watch me.

The “exclusive clubs of Gangnam”– The “exclusive club in Gangnam”-a members-only, ultra-luxury restaurant in downtown Seoul’s Gangnam district. The reason this restaurant is considered problematic is that it is believed to be a hotbed of drug use.

Actors in the hit movie “Parasite” are also involved.

According to reports in the Chosun Ilbo and other newspapers, the police received inside information this summer that illegal drugs were being sold at A. About 10 people, including not only G-Dragon but also big-name businessmen and musicians, are now under investigation. In October, actor Yoo Ah-in was indicted at home, and other major celebrities, including Lee Seong-kyun and G-Dragon, who appeared in the hit movie “Parasite: A Family in the Half-Landscape,” were also indicted one after another.

The key to the case was a 29-year-old woman, B, who is said to be the manager of A’s office.

Lee Sung-kyun was said to have obtained the drugs from B. She was threatened by the dealers and B. She was arrested and charged with possession of the drugs. She was blackmailed by the dealers and B, and gave them over 30 million yen. Lee Sung-kyun is said to have told the police that he was cheated by B. G-Dragon’s name is also said to have come out of B’s mouth when he was arrested.

What kind of a place is the high-class club A? What kind of a place is Club A? What is surprising is its prices and services.

According to Korean media, it is a members-only club, with all rooms reserved for private parties. Customers include entertainers, business owners, and athletes. Just to enter the restaurant and take a seat is said to cost about 200,000 yen. If one orders alcohol, the fee will quickly exceed 1,000,000 yen.

Many celebrities were supplied with illegal drugs by their doctors through the head of the room, a woman named B. In South Korea, the use of marijuana for medical purposes has been legalized since March ’19. It is suspected that Woman A was providing a service in which she had doctors prepare prescriptions and give drugs to customers.

After a four-hour interrogation on November 6, G-Dragon responded to the press with a smile, saying, “I have actively responded to everything necessary for the investigation, including my statement and a hair test. The police will conduct a more thorough examination in the future.

G-DRAGON smoking a cigarette-like substance on the street.
Occasionally acts out of character
Leaving a cafe with colorful clothes and hair
G-Dragon is a very popular artist both in Japan and abroad.
Performs frequently in Japan
On November 6, when he appeared before the police, he wore his hair black and clean clothes
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