In an age when “Yankees are shining,” Masato criticized “Breaking Down” but “calculatedly” showed Mirai Asakura’s skill. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In an age when “Yankees are shining,” Masato criticized “Breaking Down” but “calculatedly” showed Mirai Asakura’s skill.

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Mirai Asakura, a martial artist who produced the popular one-minute martial arts show “Breaking Down

The time has come for the Yankees to shine.

The future of the martial arts is gone.

This was pointed out by former K-1 fighter and “charisma of rebellion,” Masato Masato.

On November 5, Maasato updated his YouTube channel. On the previous day, November 4, RIZIN fighter Chihiro Suzuki defeated Vugar Keramov at “RIZIN LANDMARK 7” to become the new featherweight champion. Suzuki said at the press conference

The current martial arts scene in Japan has become an era where delinquents shine, and people like Yankees and the like are appearing on the stage, bringing down the quality of the martial arts.

He criticized the quality of the martial arts.

I want to create a martial arts industry that rewards those who are serious about their work, and that allows real people to do martial arts properly, and to cut out the games.

He also said that he wanted to create a martial arts industry that rewards those who are serious about their work. Upon hearing this, Magato said in the video

As Chihiro says, the martial arts in Japan has become an era where delinquents and yankees shine. If that happens, there will be no future for the martial arts. The base of the martial arts will shrink.

He continued. He continued

I and others have taken martial arts to a sporting level and expanded the scope of martial arts, but if (martial arts) becomes a delinquent sport, parents will not want their children to practice it.

He expressed his harsh opinion.

Although he did not use proper names, it was clear that he was thinking of “Breaking Down,” a one-minute martial arts competition organized by Mirai Asakura. The Internet was abuzz about Magato’s “remark,” with the following comments

This is exactly what I want to see.

What I want to see is martial arts as a sport, not a fight between yankees.

However, a person who knows Asakura said, “I don’t want to see a fight.

However, according to a person who knows Asakura, he is in the middle of the game when it comes to such discussions.

In a Breaking Down video released on May 5, Asakura reveals that he will be competing in an “amateur fight brawl vs. professional fighter” matchup. Asakura said

I think Breaking Down has been controversial, but I think the people who don’t like it the most are the professional fighters who are working harder and are not in the spotlight,” Asakura said.

He said. In other words, even before the Suzuki – Keramov match, he had anticipated the reaction of the anti-breaking down fighters and made the first move.

Asakura is a better fighter than me. He is a first-rate fighter, but he also has the talent as a manager. I think that Asakura’s criticism of Magato was like a “summer insect that flies into the fire.

Asakura’s motivation has been declining since his loss to Keramov in July as a RIZIN fighter. At the beginning of the annual New Year’s Eve tournament, Asakura said, “I’m feeling more than 90% sure about my chances.

“There is a 90% probability that I won’t fight.

He was also reluctant to participate in the annual New Year’s Eve tournament, saying, “I’m more than 90% sure that I won’t be there. The aforementioned reporter responded.

No, no, I don’t know yet. Recently, there has been a “grudge” between him and YA-MAN, another RIZIN fighter, and many people see this as a foreshadowing of a clash in Omisaki.

Many people see this as a foreshadowing of the big-misaki clash,” he said.

In fact, YA-MAN, who had appeared in Asakura’s videos until now, suddenly turned his back on Asakura and said, “I don’t want to end up losing.

I didn’t think he was the kind of lame guy who would end up losing. I have nothing more to learn from such a man.

He declared his farewell. The storyline took a sudden turn when Asakura angrily entered YA-MAN’s “FIGHT CLUB. The two fighters will fight on November 19 in an open-finger gloves kicking style, but for some reason, “there will be no decision. This, too, is the subject of much speculation.

The “relationship” between Asakura and RIZIN CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara is also of interest. The “flame-rocking YouTube star Shiba Butter” became a big topic when he was invited to participate in the tournament on New Year’s Eve in 2008, but Asakura was the one who advised him to do so.

In other words, he is influential enough to have a say in the matchmaking of the tournament. I am sure that he and Mr. Sakakibara will come up with a storyline that will lead to RIZIN, based on the series of brawlers vs. professional fighters. I think he is trying to raise the level of the martial arts world first,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

What kind of “future” of the martial arts world does Asakura, who is looking two or three steps ahead, envision?

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