Doujin Adult Videos” shot by individuals are now in vogue… Shocking reason why “applicants are flooding in” even though the fees are “too small. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Doujin Adult Videos” shot by individuals are now in vogue… Shocking reason why “applicants are flooding in” even though the fees are “too small.

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Men and women who actually appear in doujin porn

In addition to adult videos sold by companies that provide video productions, there is an industry known as doujin porn, in which videos are shot by individuals and sold. Most of the women appearing in these videos are called amateurs and are not sexy actresses.

What is the reality of this industry?

Doujin porn is sold under a variety of names, including kosatsu porn. It is mainly sold and distributed through content platforms such as FC2 Contents Market and myfans.

Mr. M (a male in his 20s), who actually produces doujin porn, told us his story.

I am a cameraman on the site. Many of the videos posted on the site are shot by a small number of people to save on labor costs, and there are some who do everything from shooting to acting all by themselves. (I feel that there are fewer films in which the work is divided up among the filmmakers (as is the case with us).

Mr. M’s responsibilities include the creation of the movie storyboards, filming, and editing. Contouring is a script for filming that gives instructions for each cut, using only pictures and photographs to show how the action will take place. He works as a working adult during the week, and shoots and edits on his days off as an extension of his hobby.

I was in a film club when I was in college, so I used to shoot my own footage,” he says. When I wanted to do something on the side, I thought about my skills and thought, ‘porn is the only way! That’s how it all started. I thought pornography would sell better than movies.

Since he had basic knowledge of how to handle filming equipment and edit videos, the hurdles to getting started were lower than for other people.

Even so, he says that at first he was groping and made many mistakes, and was not able to take the videos he wanted. As for earnings from videos, the profit per video ranged from 100,000 to 600,000 yen. This is an unbelievable profit for a side job, but those who earn more are making more than 1.5 million yen per month.

The most difficult part of creating doujin porn is finding women to perform. This is the hardest and most time-consuming part of the process. He says that this is different from picking up women on the street and going out with them.

Recently, if you search for “#doujin porn” on X (formerly Twitter), you will find many people who want to perform. We often put out a call for applications from there, and surprisingly we get a lot of people. However, men are not attracted. Talent is more precious for aspiring male actors.”

There are a surprisingly large number of female applicants for appearances, and at X, we post, “We have an opening for tomorrow. We are waiting for your request.” There are scattered postings.

The women who appear in doujin porn come from a variety of backgrounds, including those who were originally engaged in the sex industry and those who were engaged in illegal “standing-up” prostitution.

The reasons for appearing in doujin porn are still money and safety. In the sex industry, the profits must be shared with the store, and the share is small. In the “stand-up” business, there is the risk of having to deal with men repeatedly and not knowing who they are.

In the doujin porn industry, however, they can earn a large sum of money from a single shooting, and there are relatively few dangerous people.

Recently, FC2 and other platforms have strict regulations, and the women who perform must submit their IDs and contracts to the platforms. The problem is that not many women are willing to go that far. Many things have changed since the so-called New AV Law, but if we do things properly, we can do business without any problems.

What was surprising, however, was that the number of aspiring actors was quite small. For this reason, there are many people in the doujin AV industry who work as a director, cameraman, and actor at the same time.

In addition, many men who want to be in doujin porn have received sexual services at brothels and other places, and must take care of sexually transmitted diseases.

These circumstances make the number of credible aspiring male actors small, and they are valued on the set.

The fee is around 100,000 yen for women and 10,000 yen for actors. We pay all expenses such as transportation. It’s not very much, but we can’t pay the kind of money that well-known adult video makers pay, which ranges from several hundred thousand yen to several million yen per shooting.

There are cases where it is cheaper or more expensive, but they pay a relatively large fee for their performance. Since they shoot videos as a business, money is managed tightly.

They plan to shoot for five to six hours at a time, and often produce two films in one shoot.

The fee they pay is the same regardless of how long it takes from setting up the equipment to taking down the equipment. This allows the women in the film to make money efficiently, unlike in the sex industry.

If you want to film, you need a location. You can rent a love hotel, but even in a love hotel, there are some hotels that do not allow filming, so you have to choose the best location.

If you are shooting alone, there are people who shoot in love hotels to avoid being discovered, but if there are many cameramen and other staff members, you cannot use that method.

Some love hotels do not allow a large number of people, so the only way to find a location is to rent a studio dedicated to adult video filming.

It is quite difficult to find a place. An acquaintance of mine once rented a room on Airbnb (Airbnb) in order to keep the shooting location as inexpensive as possible. Although it was against the terms and conditions, he said he had accounts for several people, so if it didn’t work out, he would just use someone else’s.”

Using Airbnb is a painstaking way to save money on a professional photography studio each time, he said.

Since Airbnb is all foreigners, they are not suspicious of people coming and going, and there are fewer patrols, among other reasons. Others are renting out a room in an apartment to film and using it as a studio.

While the risk of being exposed to danger may be small, the possibility of being digitally tattooed by distributing sexual acts to the world may make it worthwhile to consider whether the price of around 100,000 yen is worth the risk.

Filming is said to be done with a hand camera.
The filming site was filled with a strange atmosphere.
The cameraman and actor actually shooting the video.

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