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Actor Toshihisa Hagiwara Attracts More Fans With His “Mysterious Aura”

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Toshihisa Hagiwara, with his long, slender arms and legs

In mid-September, in the lingering summer heat, a tall man walking down a main street in Ginza, Tokyo, caught the attention of passersby. He is actor Toshihisa Hagiwara (24).

“Hagiwara has been appearing in dramas as a child actor since he was 9 years old. In the 2019 drama “Class 3A – From Now on, You’re All Hostages” (Nippon Television), he attracted a lot of attention when he played a student who became the “inside man” of a teacher played by Masaki Suda (30).”


His breakthrough role came in the BL (boys’ love)-themed drama “Beautiful Him” (Mainichi Broadcasting System/TBS), which aired in November 2021. He played the role of Kazunari Taira, a shy boy with a stutter who loves his class boss, and won the hearts of his female fans,

“I love how he is so cute when he smiles even though he is so cool.”

“I love the mysterious aura that makes him seem somewhat unreliable and yet also insane.”

In this season’s drama “Midsummer Cinderella” (Fuji TV), he plays a Tokyo University student who has never been in love,

“Hagiwara’s sad performance made me cry.”

He has become a big topic of conversation on social networking sites.


On the day of the event, Hagiwara got out of the office’s pickup truck, which was parked on the street with the staff, wearing a white T-shirt and black pants in a rough style. Wearing an orange Nike Air Max, he walked into a nearby building.

“At first glance, he did not look like a sportsman, as his body was so thin that he appeared unreliable. But he has been playing basketball since junior high school and is known among his fans for his athleticism. It seems that this gap is one of the reasons why he is so addicted to the swamp.”

Hagiwara is currently playing a young man with a memory disorder in “Even If I Forget You” (produced by TV Asahi and ABC TV). The number of fans who fall into Hagiwara’s “swamp” is likely to increase in the future.


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With a serious expression on his face, he entered the building with the staff.
This eye power is another attraction of Toshihisa Hagiwara.

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